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Well, in this episode, Danny realizes just how creepy he's been acting; and also, there's a development in the Matt and Harriet thing that leads to something of a turning point there (at least, so it seems). Interestingly, this episode features the first real bit of chemistry between Matthew Perry and Sarah Paulson that I've seen. It's not exactly romantic chemistry, though.


In this episode, we are reminded just how much Steven Weber utterly, totally, and completely OWNS every scene he's in.

OK, it was just the tease. I'm still already hoping for a Jack Rudolph spin-off.

Jim Tourtelott

You are missing something--namely, the fact that the only person on this show other than Perry who has any comic skill at all is Weber, whose opening scene with Corddry is--when Weber's talking--actually funny.

Ken Houghton

I note for the record that last week's show wasn't written by Sorkin.

Just now tuning into this week's; will have more details about the post below tomorrow, when I stop thinking about Pornography and Early Adapters.

Dan Coyle

Jack Rudolph, Action Executive is still the show I wanna watch.

Danny is genuinely disturbed; Matt is just a dick.


But Matt is a funny dick.


The Tom thing is an obvious set-up. Lucy is going to see pictures of them at the party. It's almost as obvious than the locked roof door.

Dan Coyle

10:50: Wow, he really IS Jack Rudolph, Action Executive!


My bad. Lucy actually being there was much better.


Remember how The West Wing was supposed to be about Rob Lowe and instead wound up being about Bradford Whitford?

Well, funny thing.

"Studio 60" is supposed to be about Bradford Whitford...

PS: "Jack Rudolph, Action Executive" Hee!

Uncle Crizzle

I loved the "Yeah" reaction from Darius after Simon called him "Amos" at the awards dinner, as if he was saying, "Great, now I gotta deal with this self-righteous asshole."

Simon may "kick his ass slow," as Matt implied, but I hope Darius gets a few licks in, reminding him that once you appear on a pathetic sketch-comedy show playing a militant Fruit of the Loom, calling somebody else a sellout Uncle Tom is out of the question.

Ken Houghton

Point of Information: the legal age for "dancing" in California is 17, as even we Very Lapsed BtVS fans know.

And, yes, I checked; this week is Sorkin's fault.

Elayne Riggs

That's "LukeS5858" - can't forget the "S". Particularly since just about everyone on this episode behaved like an S.

Could this be any more "sitcom writing 101"? The only thing that would make this more cliched is if Danny and Jordan are stuck on the roof until/when she gives birth.

I lost count of how many times I screamed at the TV, "Act like GROWN-UPS!"

I don't really care for this pod-person Sorkin. He still has the surface form of the pacing and the rhythm, but none of the actual substance of the writing. Everyone is suddenly acting like immature idiots. Ick.


The only hope for next week's episode is for the snake to make its way to the roof, where it bites Danny and gets shot by Jordan, who keeps a little pearl-handled revolver in her purse.

Dan Coyle

I never got how Rob Lowe was supposed to be the focus of West Wing. While I like him as an actor, he's not really a SORKIN type actor, y'know? Guys like Schiff, Whitford, and Janney have the sort of rapid fire gift of gab, where Lowe is... at a different speed.

Next week I hope Harriet finally gives Matt the send off he deserves.

Roberta Taussig

I think the problem with "Studio 60" is that Aaron is trying to write about his life, and he's too close to it. Matt/Harriet is him and Kristin whosis, it's about getting a TV show out every week, and he's got absolutely no perspective. Nobody knows how to solve their own lives. He needs to make a series about something he cares about that is not an immediate presence in his life -- like, oh, I don't know, sports broadcasting or an idealized White House or military justice.

Roberta Taussig

Or Jack Rudolph, Action Executive.


What Elayne said. God, as soon as I saw them go on the roof-top, I told my wife "Fraiser episode, couple gets locked out on the roof." I mean, who hasn't done this plot? Minor comment on Rob Lowe, if you haven't seen him in "Thank You For Smoking," you need to rent it. He's outstanding. Maybe he needs to go to Studio 60.

I'm not holding out much more for this show, not when 30 Rock just buries Studio 60 and does it in half the time. Steven Weber and Alec Baldwin - who would have guessed how well these guys play on television?

And who could have guessed how much Bradford Whitford colors his hair?

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