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Great stuff, Lance. I probably would've owned up about having no sleep before the second "real date". Did you?

Even though I'm divorced, its great hearing stories like this. Its good to know their are still long-time romances going on. I haven't given up myself, just looking for my version of "the blond".


Yes, you should have fessed up about being exhausted!

I was going to continue to comment, but my husband is still in bed. I think I will go to where he is. :)


Great story! The blond's version of your first date could easily be one of your famous short stories.


Actually, I'd love to read blond's version.


If this had been a Ludlum novel she'd have been kidnapped off the street while walking toward her dorm after the first date, and you'd have had to work past your exhaustion to rescue her.

I'm glad that wasn't the case. ;)


It's a great story and man did I love Regina's. Grew up in Boston and going there was a regular treat. The waitress would have hated you no matter what - they were all as you described.


What I love is the sweet cluelessness. She went home, broke up with the boyfriend, and you read her energy as possibly pure pal.

I'll be smiling for the rest of the day at that.

PS. Based on just these bits of history, YOU should have Matt Albie's Bogie-Woody poster.


Lovely story and I read it with fuzzy eyeballs that hadn't seen sleep for 36 hours.

M.A. Peel

The course of true love never did run (entirely) smooth. I love reading backstories like this. But it does make it seem a miracle that people ever get together, given all the comedy of errors (sorry for the mixed Shakepeare allusions.)


I think you have the makings of a date Rashomon here - your point of view, the blond's and the waitress's. :)




2nd JillBryant. Wonder if the waitress has a blog?

The fact that your romance survived a viewing of Interiors also says something. :)

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Yeah - give us blond's version.

Having just said goodbye to a blond myself, I could do with some happy talk.


Love the story too --- but I think that you should
go along with the blonde as far as first dates go:
it sure seems that she thinks it was a date, and I
never *ever* try to win a battle of anniversaries...
(and this is from the half of the couple who manages
to *remember* them every year:-)

Davis X. Machina

As a Bostonian of a Certain Age, I salute you.

I saw The Paper Chase on cable the other day. It's not a very good movie, but when Timothy Bottoms meets Lindsay Wagner in front of the old T kiosk in Harvard Square, it was like a dagger in the heart.

I felt very old all of a sudden.


Mr. Cali and I had a couple 'first' dates too. Never been to Boston but it's strange that this story feels so familiar.


What a great story! Happy anniversary!

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