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More lights! You need that depth, that nuance, that... that... that magical tree thang! More lights!

Tom W.

Do you do any exterior Yuletide illumination, Lance?


What I really want is Essential Art House: The Janus Film Collection. Have been dropping hints the size of cinder blocks, but Mr. C is resolutely Not Noticing.

Neddie Jingo

Dang. I'll have to cancel that Home Depot order for a nice Husqvarna chainsaw to send Mannionwards.

All I want for Christmas is some o' that fine, fine Mannion Wine over at the Chumps.

That 25-pages-a-week thing is subject to change, depending on how the group feels -- too fast, too slow, whatev. Which may actually pitch us up to the end closer to the 2010 Midterm.


No, Siren, what you really want is an all-region DVD player and Masters of Cinema Naruse collection. You can Netflix Criterion all day long, but you're not going to easily see Naruse now that the retrospective is finished.

Kevin Wolf

The Janus Collection mentioned above would not go unused at my place. However, my own modest wish is for the new Tom Waits 3-CD set, Orphans.

Thanks for the link, Mr Mannion.


I would like A National Health System That Works. Thanks in advance.

Multiple Sclerotically Yours,


Exiled in New Jersey

A Dr. Doolittle to heal the bone tumor in my dog's front leg, and while he is at it, let him set the fractured ulna & radius in that same leg. Hobbling on three legs sucks, but she loves life too much to let it get her down.


Lance, check out the Phillips LED lights at Target. They are exponentially brighter than regular lights and use less energy. The white lights have that blue-ish look of LED and don't look very warm and twinkly, but you can't tell any difference with the multicolored bulbs, except they are much, much brighter. Also, they are cool to the touch, so the whole fire/burn hazard thing is a nonissue.

Dear Santa: I want a trip to France and Italy, but I'm probably getting garden clogs and a new stockpot.


Burritoboy: You know, you may be right. The Naruse retrospective put me in traction. I saw eight films and all I can think about are the ones I missed. OK, I'll try hinting for that.


A lifetime annuity netting me $5K/month tax free.

Oh, ok, that's probably too materialistic. I'll get back to you.

Steve Kuusisto

Dear Lance,

The reason your Christmas tree fell over is that you put all the ornaments on one side. Every elf knows you need to balance the bling. Also, putting the basketball on the top of the tree isn't such a good idea.

Hey, thanks for the plug the other night. Since you mentioned my appearance with my All-girl All-kazoo band, agents have been calling and we're booked from here to Toledo!


Okay, I missed my opportunity... I asked for more lights for YOU!

What I want??? A pet moose that will let me kiss it on its muzzle and an art supply store built onto my house... if I can't have those, I'll settle for an autographed photo of Lance Mannion. :)

velvet goldmine

I want The Illiad on tape as read by one Mr. Derek Jacobi (I assume without the stuttering). And I want the tree to go up this weekend with a maximum of eggnog and a minimum of bloodshed.


All I want is for all this talk of Hillary's Presidency to **POOF!!!**


I'm now in my first "book club," thanks to you.

As for not-so-impossible Christmas wishes, I'd like the United States to get the hell out of Iraq by next Christmas.

Tyrone Slothrop

The Pynchon listserv is starting a structured group read soon after the New Year. To find it, Google "Pynchon-L".


I am actually getting an all-region DVD player, so it's not like I'm just talking out of my a**.

If not that, plastic surgery (ok, I'm bad).

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