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While your post was insightful, I don't see the point to playing amateur psychologist with political figures. Especially these guys. It shouldn't matter if there's some underlying condition behind them being destructive assholes (learning disability, mental illness, not enough love from mommy, whater).

The important fact is that, regardless of the reason why, they believe in a destructive ideology. Even if they're naturally predisposed towards that ideology because of some DSM-IV-diagnosable fucked up wiring in their brain, I don't think we can say that their voters all have the same ailments.

It's not constructive to make that an issue in the debate. It distracts us from the real issue: the pure awfulness of their ideology.


Autism? Interesting... I don't see it though. At least, not in the way I understand it.

(For the record, I see a point in the discussion. Simple joy of thinking and debate. I also happen to agree with most of your analysis - the truly scary one is Cheney. Oh, and Rummy & Wolfie, I guess. But they don't call him Darth Cheney for no reason...)


I think the A word is Asshole.


Well, seeing that "asshole" is already spoken about aberration?


Oh, Swami, no. If you've ever been around family-owned businesses, you'll recognize that this is no aberration. Sons (almost always sons) whose fathers built the biz often show similar behavior. "By virtue of who I am I'm smarter, better and more entitled" than you, the menial employee."


looked over the list of men who had been President and said to himself, Yeah, I'm as good as they are, I can do what they did.

There was an article a few months back that described how the incompetent rarely recognize their incompetence. Likewise he has been so insulted from risk that he has never had to deal with the consequences of his risky endeavors. So he was able to to think of himself as a great, bold risk taker - a visionary. And even when he failed, he succeeded. Hey I'm CEO of the Rangers, I sold my company stock for mega-bucks, I've a governor of TX and everyone likes me (or so they tell him).




George H.W. Bush a brilliant hyperachiever? Um, not really. He was a loyal functionary who understood that his job involved service to the American people. But that's about it.

And Jeb the chosen son? Sure, if you don't mind the hellspawn of Barbara Borgia Bush and the soul of Rove.

Sheesh, I thought the bar was a bit higher over here at Mannionland.

mac macgillicuddy

I'm not sure why, but on my computer screen, this post ends in the middle -- not just of a sentence, but of a word. I think the word is "George." But all I have to go on is a capital G and a lowercase e. It could be "Gecko."


OK, then. Looking forward to Part II.

And you seem pretty smart to me.


I don't think autism is quite right. There's another syndrome that describes people who have no empathy for other people and care only about their own wants and needs. If we're going to do armchair diagnosis, I think the word you're looking for is sociopath.

The Bush family has always had enough material resources and handlers to keep Junior out of official trouble (or at least pay to get him out of it), and by the time he hit middle age he had gained enough control over himself to be able to control the worst impulses to work for a slightly longer-term goal (political power).

One of the hallmarks of an incipient sociopath is the torture of helpless animals. Remember the stories of how young Master Bush would shove firecrackers into the mouths of frogs?

Or - maybe he's an autistic sociopath. God help us.


I'm betting Asperger's syndrome is the word Lance intends.


Bush was a cheerleader; he can't have Asperger's.

How about "assaholic?"


"There is a clinical term for people who live inside their own heads, who can't interact completely and normally with other people..."


Bill Altreuter

The old man looks good now, because the contrast is pretty stark, but George I was never all that-- he was a one-term congressman who had a knack for fundraising, and good organizational skills. When he ran for president the first time he was not capable of articulating any sort of vision, and the case for his ultimate election was that he'd sat in all the other chairs and now it was his turn. His Presidency did include passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act, so he has a civil rights achievement to his credit, but he was really a nothing much president otherwise. Still, he did his military service honorably, and he was not an active force for evil, so he looks like Teddy Roosevelt compared to his son.


It is amazing how low the bar has been set by Bush/Cheney. People are now thinking fondly of Reagan, Bush 1, Jeb Bush. Almost anyone will look good by comparison with Bush/Cheney.
That in itself is a travesty but what really gets me steamed is the irresponsible fiscal "policy" of these bums.

Say the american people do finaly wake up from their collective fear induced stupidity and elect progresive people to govt. and say those progresive people want to do great thing like national health care and an alternative energy Manhattan project ( two things I think would raise the health, happiness, economy and standing of America tremendously ) the money wont be there to do it. It would be irresponsible for them to start spending money that is not there. Therefore one of the first things they would need to do would be to raise taxes on some americans.

You see the catch 22 bind the Bushies have put any future govt. in. By their irresponsible fiscal policy or maybe by design they have esentially cancelled out a true progressive policy in the near future. That's about my lifetime. And the media keeps wondering where the anger comes from while never asking the simple question to the angry people, "Why are you angry."
Please ask us, we'll tell you.


Fuck it, we need to hate these guys. They hate us. There's
absolutely no excuse for anything they have perpetrated. No mercy.

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