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Middle Browser

I would love to volunteer, but fear that I could not do a respectable job live. Plus, I want the show to succeed, even though it clearly needs work, so I'm not sure how biting my comments will be. As an exercise, I may attempt live commenting and send you the results afterwards.


Middle Browser!!! DO IT!!! Come on! And don't worry about doing a respectable job... you're following me and I was asleep for half of the show. Don't do an exercise, just dive in.

I'm hoping the show succeeds as well, I just wish they'd get off their rockers and do something about it.

Lance, glad to see you're still a pig. :)


Middle Browser,

Comments don't have to be biting. In fact, I'd like to see more positive things said on the show's behalf. I'm working on a post right now about how I want Studio 60 to survive and how I think it could improve.

blue girl

I'll be happy to talk about what Sarah Paulson looks like in her underwear. In fact, I'll try to be very descriptive.



Hey, I think we're all pulling for the show. But it is starting to remind me of Sportsnight; a good program that also deserved to be axed. Every dollar that NBC wastes on Studio 60 could go to a new Howie Mandel production.....

And Aaron Sorkin has more interesting trainwrecks than anything CSI could show for a week....


Is it possible to start liking Studio 60 now after it sucked so hard coming out of the gate?

Can Bush become one of the greatest presidents in history in the next two years?

blue girl

monkey boy, the show has *some* redeaming qualities. They need to reign (right word?) it in and stop gallavanting to places like Pahrumph, Nevada.

They need to dump the Matt/Harriet lovey dovey storyline. It doesn't work.

They need to keep Danny and Matt closer together, but not too close! Their back and forth is good for the most part. And they need a really strong female character to tangle with them. But not the two (Paulson and Peet) they have now.

I don't mind the old 70s references everyone was making fun of last week. They were being so picky. (I'm just happy when I *get* something!)

And they need to re-do that music at the beginning! It's so cheesey! Not gouda at all. That's kind of a low priority, but whatever.



As I eagerly (?) await the dance of the seven veils tonight, I wanted to share these two with everyone: (from TAPPED: The American Prospect)

blue girl

charlie, I hate to admit it, but jokes about Cleveland are still probably funnier than jokes about Pahrump.

I have a really funny story about me, my husband, Dennis Kucinich and George Voinovich -- but, I'll email ya later. It's probably the funniest "joke" I know about these here parts.



I beg to differ. Sports Night, the first year, was exceptionally good - one of the most satisfying TV shows ever.

But it got a dreadful launch from the network - here for two weeks, gone for two, back again for one - aaaauuugghhh - and never recovered. Then Sorkin left for WW and the new writers couldn't match the rhythm of the first year in time ... Sad.

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