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blue girl

By which he meant that like a lot of Bush League Republicans, her support for the military is a matter of calling the troops heroes while sending them off to war underequipped, undermanned, untrained for the mission, and with no good plan for bringing them home, using them as cannon fodder and flypaper, letting them die to protect the President's ego and the Republicans' majority, and then hiding their coffins when they come back.

That's such a great paragraph!

Oh, and...

rue the day

I love that phrase!

I would say...Those people who voted for George W. Bush will rue the day they re-elected him!

I know lots of people that have been rueing and rueing and rueing. Doesn't seem to do any good to rue.


BG- I would say, "Those people who voted for George W. Bush will rue the day they re-elected him! Mark my words!" :)

I am just so over it all and am hoping for a sweeping change, but after watching HBO's "Hacking Democracy", I must say, I am feeling a tad depressed today.

blue girl

I rue the moment I didn't also use the phrase Mark my words! in my previous comment.

Rue the moment's not quite right, but using Rue the day seemed to be overkill.


Ken Muldrew

Lance wrote:
"the divinely-chosen St George, with all his miraculous powers to keep us safe from terrorism just by wishing it, hasn't been able to fix any of Clinton's mistakes"

Now Lance, you know very well that he is not just wishing, he is also praying. And if it wasn't for Bill, then he wouldn't have had to redirect some of his prayer toward the good folks of New Orleans and the terrorists might already have been defeated. And now with all the rueing cancelling all the praying, there seems to be a stalemate. So don't blame George, he's doing the best he can.

Exiled in New Jersey

As we used to shout, "Pull up your pants, it's too late to save your shoes!" Yesterday my housemate's phone rang; she has an Italian last name though her family was Scotch and god knows what. It was a recorded message from a Ms. Martinelli from some sort of quasi-offical American-Italian organization telling her to remember that Bob Menendez slandered all Italians by voting against Sam Alito. No issues, just BS and dirty BS at that.

I am curious, Lance. Is Hall a vet? I've noticed this year the Dems are playing it smarter. The retired Admiral in 5th Pennsylvania running against that paragon of honesty Curt Weldon makes sure people see photos of him in uniform, as does the poor Dem with the hopeless task of defeating Jim Saxton in this district.


I'm confused. I though "rue" was a mixture of flour and butter.

Now imagine GWB suffused in that.


I saw Santorum on Fox and he had a similar mushroom cloud ad out against his opponent. He even got called on it by Wallace. Santorums defense was that since his opponent was against the border wall and felonizing illegal immigration he was helping terrorists get into America and thus helping terrorist. Wallace called him on it again saying Bush and McCain had the same position but Santorum did not back down. His crazy extremism would allow for almost anything for him to win because in his mind his is the only kind of ideology that would save America, therefore anything to keep power is justified.

Unfortunatly I think that attitude is spreading among the right wing. Keep an eye out election day for vote fraud. The problem is with the eloctronic machines you would not know even if it happened. I saw them disparaging exit polls again on Fox today. The plot thickens.


My mom, compared with whom I'm a crazed lefty bombthrower, is one of Kelly's constituents and loathes her.

Exiled in New Jersey

I am predicting that if Bob Casey wins in PA, Federal marshalls will be needed to dislodge Santorum from his Senate office. General Jack D. Ripper rides again.

Jeffrey Levin

I heard Kelly's "what's in your portfolio" ad yesterday on WCBS. It questioned Hall's ethics for being Green but holding, in a mutual fund, environmentally destructive investments. The ad may appeal to those voters that are shallow, non-analytical thinkers, but I thought it was a trashy attack ad that just showed that Kelly is losing. Go out on Tuesday and vote for a better Hudson Valley, New York and America. Vote for John Hall.

Tom W.

The mutual funds ads are a scream - it's a Republican attacking Hall for holding Wal-Mart. In other words: he's wrong because he supports companies I like. Bizarro. Let's go hall!

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