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M. Duss

While I strongly disagree with you about X-Men comics (they were my favorites back in my collecting days), I'm with you on the X-3 film. Total waste of some great actors, Kelsey Grammar in particular, and showing complete non-interest in pursuing aspects of the story what didn't involve shit getting blowed up real good (not that I have any problem with shit getting blowed up real good). They basically cannibalized three or four interesting comics storylines, each of which took dozens of issues to develop, and ended up doing none of them the least bit of justice.


Sing it, Brother Mannion.

Bill Altreuter

I always thought Thor was the stupidest super hero ever. In fact, I think he's made up-- a comic book charactor for the charactors in comic books. And if he weren't made up, the Hulk would kick his ass.

The real problem with the X-Men sory line is that, uniquely, the mutants of the world are victims of prejudice and targeted legislation. Nobody hates the Fantastic Four because they're different. Everybody likes the Avengers, even though sometimes Henry Pym goes insane and becomes evil, or creates evil robots or whatever. People are afraid of the Hulk, because he goes around smashing things. People hated Spiderman because Johnah Jamison told them too, but then they mostly got over it. Daredevil is popular. Iron Man doesn't need to hire a PR consultant. Only the mutants get sigled out, and I can't figure out why.


Thanks for the tip, Lance! I was wondering whether to rent that one. Sounds like even Hugh Jackman wouldn't be enough to balance out the crap factor.

I've found myself engrossed in the new TV series Heroes, on NBC Monday nights right before Studio 60. After only 2 episodes it's hard to tell where they're going with all this ordinary-folks-suddenly-get-superpowers stuff (too close to the blah movie Unbreakable sometimes), but the idea still intrigues me well into middle age. The news of the past 2 weeks (schoolroom murders, toxic explosions, Dennis Hastert still at large) has left me yearning for superheroes.


A friend once made me sit through an XMen movie. I made the mistake of laughing in all the wrong places. I don't think she's forgiven me yet.


I can't say more, but to agree with you regarding X-3. I never read the comics, so I can't compare them to the movie. Nevertheless, the movie was "meh." Including the scene after the credits.

Staying in the "mutant" vein, I wish we could get a nice mini-series of the Wild Cards books.

That Fuzzy Bastard

X3 is indeed dreadful, but X2 is excellent. It has a much lighter and wittier approach to the mutants = gay teens idea, which helps sell it (and I'll admit, I find it nice to see a multiplex blockbuster with gay-friendliness in its DNA). But much more important, X2 has a number of moments of real visual poetry---Bryan Singer has a knack for turning out CGI that Cocteau could have approved of---in contrast to X3s bigger and bigger fireballs.


Fuzzy, X-Men 2 gets replayed often here at the Mannion Family Cineplex.

Bill Altreuter: The real problem with the X-Men sory line is that, uniquely, the mutants of the world are victims of prejudice and targeted legislation. Nobody hates the Fantastic Four because they're different.

Bill, my feelings exactly. But I put the question to my sons, who are fans, and they gave me a long explanation, that I had trouble following. But it seems to go: since mutants are born with their superpowers they start using them when they are kids before they've learned self-control, which makes having a mutant child a really scary proposition. It's a wonder Jean Grey's parents are still alive by the time Charles Xavier shows up to take her away to his school. I still don't like the concept, but I get it.

As for Thor, even though he's gotten a lot cooler since we were kids, I was never much of a Thor fan. My Marvel faves were in ascending order: Iron Man, Daredevil, Captain America, and Spider-man. But I was really more of a DC kid, and, when you get right down to it, a Superman and Batman kid.

Matt Duss, I think we have a generational divide here. When I started reading comic books, the X-Men were still wearing their blue and yellow clown suits.

Jeff Keezel

While I can't agree with your recently posted list of fave comic book super heroes, I do whole-heartedly agree with your assessment of the X-Men comics. And I haven't been too enamored of the movies. I really haven't enjoyed many of the comic book movies - just a choice few...


Hmmmm, we definitely need to upgrade the selections of movies on Mannion Family Movie. How old are the young Mannion heirs? Can they perhaps tolerate such foul evils as films in "gasp!" black and white? Or "horrors!" .....not in English?

Kevin Wolf

I'd like to put in two cents on Thor: He was never a favorite and I wonder that he's even used at all these days, but back when Jack Kirby and Stan Lee were using Thor to whip up their patented hyper-poetic-epic comic book fun, it was a hoot to read.

Re the X-Men, the first movie was so average that I never got around to the second. Perhaps I will. But X-3 looks like a bust. I comepletely agree that the premise is too slight to support all the subtext they keep adding.

Matt Rush

X-3 sure was a dissapointing end to the trilogy. I felt the first one was good, but the second one really improved on that. I had my hopes up for this one. I don't recommend it!

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