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My favorite comment was one used often during the Bears games... "They came to play every play!" Of course there were variations on this... "It looks like they came to play every play!" "Obviously, he came to play every play!" You get the idea.


I have the same problem with post-season baseball announcers. If someone doesn't put a muzzle on Tim McCarver soon, I may have to do an Elvis on my TV....


Good thing you don't live in Columbus, OH.


JD, find your local ESPN radio affiliate. That's what I do, and it helps. McCarver/Buck are nearly as inane as your average football broadcasters, so if they can be overridden by radio guys, fine.

Personally I think radio is a better medium for baseball anyway. Basketball and football work best on television, but baseball is a game best seen in your imagination. A good radio play-by-play broadcaster paints pictures ("There's Wilson dancing off first...there he goes!" works just fine for me.

Exiled in New Jersey

I think everyone agrees the three idiots who do Monday Night Football on ESPN are the worst, though some in the press are loathe to criticize Tony Kornheiser since he is one of the brethern. Last Monday night, or was it the one before, they hit bottom, interviewing some actor in a TV Series that even Lance hasn't blogged, while a decent football game was going on. Naturally the series was on their sister network. There is a word for these guys: S-H-I-L-L-S, or better, H-A-C-K-S.


Do what I did when I watched the World Cup this year. Turn the sound off. You miss the crowd noise, which adds to the excitement, but if you know what's going on, you won't miss the announcers. The only way I would watch World Cup with sound on is on Univision, and the cable company here in Missouri doesn't have Univision.

Matt T.

Back in my youth, I worked as a sports writer, covering mainly local high school and community college stuff. However, in college, I interned for a magazine and got to work on the University of Florida football team during its 1996 Championship season. It was a pretty neat experience, watching the game from the press box. Used to be, I'd be down on the field, in constant danger of being squished by some titanic linebacker, and I'd have to keep all the stats and whatnot myself. Up there, you get to sit down, there's a full staff of folks to hand you printouts on every imaginable statistic or point, and you can even get liquor.

However, being an intern, I was sat near the TV guys. After the season was over, I came to the conclusion the reason those guys yammer on incessantly about stuff that either doesn't matter or than anyone can see ON THE GODDAMN SCREEN was because if they didn't, they'd have to get real jobs, and they're unqualified for most anything.

I got out of sports reporting after that experience, and though it wasn't necessarily the catalyst, looking at what was considered the career goal of sports journalism (not just the TV guys) certainly didn't help.

Linkmeister, my dad does that when he watches college football (which was the only type of football I was raised to believe was worth watching on TV). Mississippi State's Jack Crystal kicks the hell out of anyone on ESPN.


I have never understood American football. Unlike real football (95% live, 95% of time the ball is in play) American football seems 95% replay/dead time, and maybe - what 10 minutes of actual game time in any 3 hours?

With all that dead time of course the announcers get on your nerves. They really have nothing to talk about except the same thing over and over.

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