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Baseball playoffs. Don't get me started! What a wonderful time of the year! Gives everyone something to talk about. Everyone has an opinion. The umps are never consistent. Your team is never lucky...if you win. Your team has TALENT! But if you lose, then it has lots to do with bad luck. This is fun. So much fun!

And, those dying swan fly balls off Mets bats last night. My son, the professional baseball player, assures me that those hits aren't lucky hits. He says they practice hitting bloop hits like those for hours during spring training. Not easy to do, he claims.

I like the story of how your grandfather became a Cardinals fan after the Giants traded Frankie Frisch. Imagine what he'd think of baseball today and the fact that you never know what team a player will be on from year to year. I, for one can't look at Greg Maddox and Nomar and think of them as Dodgers. That's just plain silly! But, that's just me. My sons have grown up with players switching teams and look forward to trades. They laugh at the concept of "team loyalty".

By the way...loved the Gibson-limping-around-the-bases homerun clip. That's a classic.


I like series that go five (or seven) games, too, but I have one exception to that rule. Anytime the Yankees lose (and quickly), it's good for baseball.

As a longtime Braves fan, I was bummed to see Greg Maddux lose the finale of the playoffs, but, yeah, it's strange seeing Maddog in Dodger blue.

mac macgillicuddy

Today isn't a good day for Yankee fans anywhere. Although, since the Yanks are often viewed as the corporate raiders of baseball -- especially since Steinbrenner -- you might say no time is good to be a Yankee fan. Anymore than it was ever a good time to be a Dallas Cowboy fan if you're talking football (which we're not doing). Anyway, yes, I'm a Yankee fan. And happy to report my daughter is, too.

Not sure why she is, but I am because the first baseball game I ever glimpsed on TV was the World Series between the Yankees and the Cardinals. I remember every detail: The Cardinals wore red; the Yankees wore blue. I liked blue, then, so I rooted for the blue team.

That's all it took. That, and Mel Stottlemeyer (sp?).


Bleeping 100-foot pop flies. Bleeping funky strike zone. But most of all, bleeping middle relief from the Dodgers. It's been a crapshoot all year, and it failed again. Having three erstwhile starters down there (Sele, Tomko and Hendrickson), one left-handed specialist who idiotically cut his hand on a glass in a bar the day before the playoffs began, and a big horse of a kid who occasionally loses faith in his fastball (Broxton) just wasn't gonna cut it, particularly when Dodgers starters had only thrown one (one!) complete game all year.

Ah well, the kids are nearly here. Martin, Ethier, Loney, Billingsley, Broxton; they all made memorable contributions this year, and they'll hopefully be even better next year.

I can't root for the Padres, but I'm not very fond of the Cardinals either. If the Mets were still the 1969 or 1973 version I might like them better, but they're not. I'm still deciding whether I'll just switch allegiances to the Tigers from here on out.


Oh, and Chuck? When the Dodgers tied it up and went ahead 5-4, Maddux was off the hook. He didn't take the loss.

I hope we can sign him for next year if he wants to play. He's a joy to have on your side.

Mike Schilling

There is one Evil, and Tommy Lasorda is its prophet.


Linkmeister, you're right. I misspoke, but still wish he could have had a stronger post-season. He made those mid-90s Braves teams lots of fun.


This Midwestern says phooey to Ohio State and football and maintains that baseball is God's own game. But I say, go Tigers. ;)


I don't see how Yankee fans take it year after year. Last year was the only time my team has been in the series in my lifetime and I was a wreck every pitch. And they swept. I don't think my family could have handled a seven game series.

This year I'm so much more relaxed. I'm happy to see the Twins gone. I followed the Tigers in Spring training so I wouldn't mind seeing them win it all.

But, and I hope I'm not cursed for this, I don't want to see the Mets make it. It's a New York bias, I know. But not only that. The first World Series that I followed was the Tigers and the Cardinals. I'd like to see that happen again.

(On the other hand, Frank Thomas winning one with the As would be a nice "how-do-you-do" to Ken Williams.)


Domoni, St Louis rooting is allowed here, and not just in memory of my grandfather. The ten year old's cheering for the Cardinals. He's vowed to hate the Mets forever if they win.

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