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Did you catch the interview this morning with the author on Morning Edition?

Violet Mannion

YAY!! Book today.


hey guys! 3rd on! Im going to get the book after me and my dad leave his and my mom's job it has not been a very good day today (probably since it is Friday the 13th!) but once i get the book i will be happy! i did not get the beatrice letters yet.=0 but today i ordered it from a book catolog a teacher gave me.


Hey guys! Third on. Yey!

I got b. 13 its reallly good.

I ask though NOBODY puts any spoilers up about b 13 (Im still reading it)


or fourth on. YEY


5th on! WOOT! THE END IS HERE! Aw man, the library waiting list is loonnggg... Oh well. I'm so happy I'm wait too excited. I don't know. I can't wait to get my hands on it. The end is here the end is here. YAY! To everyone who either has the book is is about to get it, I hope ya'll enjoy it. ^_^




8th on! Oh yaay! The end is finally here! Can't wait to get my copy of it! Too bad books aren't that easily accessible in where i live :'( You'd have to wait until about 3 months or so, so i'm ordering it online. Well, this is it... Hope you guys enjoy every last bit of The End! Have a very fine day, everyone : )

The world is quiet here.


im kinda disapointed with THE END right now. Its getting a little boring.


srry guys I was 2nd on not 3rd on! :P

Allienne Goddard

My daughter and I read through the first third yesterday, and finished it up just before bed tonight. I have to say that I found the focus on expanding the story surprising, as I expected more attention to the tying up of loose ends. But without spoiling, I'll say that I was ultimately pleased by the way that this summation reflected the way lives actually do tend to go. My daughter has decided, at my suggestion, to re-read the series, using what she knows now to attempt to decipher the clues which appear constantly in the earlier texts, camouflaged as filler.

As a somewhat dark and sardonic parent, I really could not have been more pleased with this series. Well, okay, I quibble a bit with a few of his explications of various terms, but the highlighting of the role of context in determining meaning more than makes up for it.

Yours -- Ally


ok I think that for the people who have not finished the books should not keep others from posting 'spoilers'. The soultion is simple. Do not come on this site until you are ready. Now, I finished reading the book on Sunday October 5th 2006, 11:52 p.m. under the covers with a flashlight. (just like Klaus does)

I will not post anything having to do with the THE END but I would like to do that soon.

now I will say something that has made it easier to understand after reading THE END but it has to do with the beatrice letters.

Is it possible that in the Beatrice Letters, Lemony Snicket could have been talking to the two different Beatrice Baudelaires? Like the one from when they were in school and when Beatrice was trying to follow Lemony. they seem like different people, don't they? The Beatrice who seemed older said that he did not know her but she needed his help to find her family: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire.

with all due respect,



Halabebe, you are correct. The first letter is the only one by the Baud's mom, Beatrice. All the others are by Kit's daughter, Beatrice. This makes sense.

Another thing I was wondering about is the root beer float mentions. Lemony only alludes to them about twice in TE and we still do not know their importance.

Another item to discuss is how the boat they traveled on in Ch. 14 is named Beatrice. Is this the boat that is seen in TBL poster? The one CRASHED??!

Yet another item to discuss is the last illustration showing the ocean and a shadow under the water in the shape of the question mark submersible. WEIRD! My guess is that Lemony will now begin a series on the Quagmires because their story wasn't concluded at all. AT ALL!!!!

Oh and one last thing... THE SUGAR BOWL?! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THAT?!!!

Someone help me. I loved the book but there are sooooo many things still unknown. And I was sorta let down that one of the parents didn't survive. Or did they...

The world has already ended.


I was going to wait until other people came on but since wizkid did it, i guess it is ok.


WIZKID- What I was going to say was that the Beatrice Mystery is no where near being solved and I think you are forgeting something: There is One more Beatrice we don't know about. Why? We know that the Baudelaires' mom was Beatrice Baudelaire and we know Kit Snicket's daughter is Beatrice Snicket. But we need another Beatrice Baudelaire, we need to know why the boat was named Beatrice and how it sank, where the Quagmires are, and WHAT THE HECK IS THE SUGER BOWL, WHERE IS IT, WHAT IS IN IT, AND WHY DID IT FIRST BELONG TO ESME GIGI GENIVEVE SQUALOR, THE CITY'S SIXTH MOST IMPORTANT FINNACIAL ADVISOR?

with all due respect,


My findings show that there are only 2 Beatrices because the boat was named "Beatrice" when Beatrice BAUDELAIRE (V, K, and S's mom) and Charles came to the island. They traveled on the same boat as Count Olaf and VKS. This is how I know there are only "TWO CALLED BEATRICE" (as the Vile Videos clearly pointed out).

In other exciting news, I'm meeting Lemony (for the second time) next Tuesday! YAY! And Brett Helquist will be there too and the Gothic Archies! YAY!

In other other news, Lemony is releasing more books! On another board, they have a link to, which shows a book called Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid being released on May 1, 2007. There are also two other books coming out the same day, one being named: Or, Orphans!

I hope this news is enough to stimulate the other posters of this board. If not, halabebe and I will continue our discussion alone.

The world has ended. It will resume on May 1, 2007.


(if you are a small child or big baby that can actually read already then you are really quite remarkable)

Wizkid have you read TBL?
i have been looking over it and i have come to the current conclusion that they are not in order and are not to the same Beatrices.

the first letter starts out with her saying 'dear sir,' and if i am not mistaken i don't think that is some way you would adress someone you used to sneek out and secretly share rootbeer floats with. Then it says that this letter must travel far. and that there is a great distance between them so we know that this is not the same time period as when lemony and another B were in school together. Then it says that there is at least one other person with the same initials as me which we all know means there is another BB. now-

wait my parents are making me get off now. i will finish this later, sorry!

with all due respect,

p.s. if anyone wanted to read this post so far it doesn't have anything to do with the last book yet.


This post does have to do with the last book...

Halabebe, I agree that they are not in order. The letters addresss Dear sir are from Kit's daughter long after The End. She is trying to find Lemony to help her find VKS. Somehow she has split up from them... Weird. I am looking forward to next week's meeting with Lemony. Maybe he'll tell us about the new books coming! EXCITING!!! I'll post any new info he devulges on the board! yay.

In other news, have you found anything out about the root beer floats? They're mentioned in both TBL and TE.

And to halabebe, the only one really listening anyway, I've read TBL numerous times. No need to doubt that. I'm a true Snicket fan.

The world is dead until further notice.


Let's make a list of all the questions we still have that were not resolved in The End.

When did Beatrice (the ship) sink?

What happened to the Quagmires, Phil and the Widdershin crew?

What and where and what significance is the sugar bowl?

What significance do the root beer floats have?

Was the island the last safe place?

How did Beatrice die?

If Beatrice sank (the boat), why is Beatrice (Kit's baby) still alive and looking for Lemony Snicket?

Why is Lemony Snicket "not who we think he is?"

How did Beatrice (Kit's baby) get separated from the Baudelaires?

What is the ??

Who was Lemony Snicket named after?

Why wasn't Klaus named Lemony?

Who burned down the Baudelaire's mansion? (It wasn't Olaf)

What happened to Ink?

What is the deal with Kit and Olaf?

Who survived the hotel fire?

Who, if anyone, survived on the boat from the island?

What happened to the powdered women and the Snow Scouts?

What happened to the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but no Beard?

Who called out Violet's name, Quigley or Duncan?

Is Fiona really sorry for betraying Klaus?

Why did they have all their books tied together in the first place?

What happened to make Fernald lose his hands?

Why did Mr. Poe have adoption papers in his hat and why was he always coughing?

Did Aunt Josephine really die?

Did Uncle Monty really die?

Did the Baudelaires die?

How did Ishmael know all about their predicament before hand?

Why was the book called "A Series of Unfortunate Events?"

Is Lemony's Series part of the book on the island?

That is all I will write today. Please add more questions but keep them serious. No fake, funny ones. Thank you.

The world is out. Will return on May 1, 2007.


EGAD!!! its been a long time!
Don't know if you all remember me cause i haven't been on in AGES! I'm very excited about the new book but sadly, have not had a chance to get a hold of the new book. *tear*. It is very tempting to read the spoilers but i will resist. Well is this book really really good? or is it just like Lemony ran out of energy? I must know!



I finsished...The End only a few minutes ago.

No mater what happened in The End, We will all remeber the series. The Times we had, the disscuisions, and the mysteries, all come to a hault.

From the beginning of The Bad Beggining from The Death of The Baudelaire parents, and to the end of Count Olaf's death, We remeber every even in The Series. The Good, And the bad. And from the Happy moments of the Baudelaires Lives, To the Terrible Death Of Kit Snicket, every moment will be remebered. Remeber the dreadful tale of the Baudelaires, Dewey Denoument,The Quagmires,Kit Snicket,Friday,Lemony Snicket, and we shant forget the terrible tale of The Baudelaire parents.

If you ask me, This is not THE END. It is a new beggining.


wizkid- like i was saying, before i got caught on the computor late a few nights a go and then got grounded, is that
How can Kit's Snicket be the one that is looking for the Baudelaires when it is one of the few letters that actually say who it is from: Beatrice Baudelaire? and it can't be kit's daugter because her name is Beatrice Snicket. And so I think that the letters when they are young and 'in love' it is beatrice baudelaire, the mother. then in the letters that he is talking about people in contact with by using first initials and calling her B (which happens to actually be a nickname for me with my family after a confusing story of my mother's best friend's name is Lisa, which as people should know is my name, so I think that is cool but N E WayZ) and talking about rootbeer floats (wizkid) and things like that. (i shall press enter here so it is easier to read) *enter*

Then he says that 'O' is in his class and he is annoying. then in another letter, he says that i know we can not be together now because of O. now of course we should know that he means Olaf. I think he did something to make her not love him anymore and then eventually marry their father.

ok if i remember anything else i wanted to say i will pot it.


FOR PEOPLE NOT READY FOR SPOILERS- i understand when u skip the spoilers but when u finish the book please go back to the spoilers (especially this one, i think it is very important) i know it is going to be a lot but please try-THANK YOU

with all due respect,


I agree with you about that halabebe. But I'm sorta let down. I'll be sure to ask Lemony on Tuesday when I see him. I hope he gives us some clues about the Horseradish book. I can't wait to read that one too! YAY! Fun fun. I'll leave you with this quaint remark:


The world will be back after a word from our sponsers.


The 13th book was a bit of a Let Down for me. I expected the truth of VFD, what the sugar bowl was, and who killed the baudelaire parents (Olaf or Esme) and is Mr. Poe evil or good? Or is Carmelita a real ball spitting piano playing Riot making Pirate? LOL


Thank You, Wizkid. For that Wondeful Introduction! Here at Snickers we strive to make all of our customers and Lemony Snicket fans happy. Now we bring it over to our Snickers spokes-person to sing the Snickers jingle: The Song of Satisfaction.

Happy Peanuts Soar Over Chocolate Covered Mountintops and Waterfalls of Car-a-mel,
Prancing Nugget in the Meadow, Sings a Song of Satisfaction To-o-o The W-o-r-l-d.

Thank you Snickers spokes-person! Now Back to The World!


I'm so glad you enjoyed my sendoff, halabebe. What other questions do you guys still have? POST THEM!!! Here's some more of mine:

Who was hiding in the snowman in the Unauthorized Autobiography?

Who is R? (Other than the Dutchess of Winnepeg)

Are there any more safe places?

What was the significance of the green mansions?

Why did Snicket talk so much about him being a Brae man in TBL?

The world is at lunch. Will be back in fifteen.


i'll think about it wizkid


isn't it cool how we don't have to type in a code anymore?


so now i can post a lot in a row.










hey! that last one made me type in the code! that stinks!


hey guys i just found out something.... (Spoilers)

In the beggining in Chapter 14, you see The Beatrice Boat and the Baudelaires going away on it. But at The End of Chapter 14 you see The great unknown in the water and no boat. Do you think the great unknown took them??? Or is it just a question mark clueng to a FOURTEENTH BOOK? I mean it may have been called THE END, but maybe it was called the end because it was THE END of Count Olaf, or THE END of Kit Snicket, or THE END of THE END. Lol


please post people!




(Spoiler Warning)
hi im orcacam07'S friend from school!At the beginning of THE END i thought it stunk.Then i read on.Now it is more interestng.I cant believe Kit and Olaf died!


orcacam- no u didn't just post. know why? if u look at the date no one had posted in 3 days. that is why i said:


orcacam's friend- how is that a spoiler? it is a fact. of course any book lemony snicket writes is going to be interesting.

oh and nice to meet you. we hope that you stay for a while. everyone on this site sure knows that we could use more volunteers.



Mr Mannion

Here at the Mannion Mansion, we just reached the end of The End today. It seems to me that The End doesn't really give us the end of the story, just an end to one part of the story, the part in which the Baudelaire orphans are the most important characters.

There are more parts of the story, and I'm wondering which part you think Lemony Snicket will decide to tell next?

Will he tell us the adventures of the Quagmires?

Of the Baudelaire's parents?

Of how Count Olaf and Kit Snicket know each other so well?

Personally I'm hoping to hear what's happened to the Queeqeg and its crew of two.

Do you think The End is the end? If not, what part of the story do you want to read next?


Well Mr. Mannion, I would love for Lemony to publish the Snicket File. OMG WHAT A GOOD BOOK/DOCUMENT THAT WOULD BE! It would answer so many of our many questions and be fun to read too! YAY! Hope you're reading this Lemony because I would love to read that. Oh and great meeting you (for the second time) last week in La Verne, CA. I loved it.

Got World?


How did he we reach the end today? Hasn't it been at the end or an end for some time now? Oh well, nice to see you (or read you)Mr. M! I want it to talk all about VFD. The headquarters, volunteers, missions, libraries, secret documents, and suger bowls.

See Ya'll 8'ter! ^_^

With all Due Respect,

Nina Lima

hi everyone! it is me Alexandra now I want all of you to refer me as Nina Lima!!!!!!!!!! my name is not Nina and my last name is not Lima(but it is the capital of Peru!)I just got the idea from Hannah Montana!

Mr Mannion

Don't worry, halabebe. I only meant that everybody here at myhouse, Violet Mannion's two cousins, her aunt, and I, had all read to the end of the book, at last. This discussion won't have reached its end until all of you decide it has and move on to other things, which I hope won't be for a long, long time.


OK. Thanks Mr. M!


i miss everyone!!!!!!!!

Ah well, so what did you think of the book halalbebe?


I thought the book was a little


disappointing. but it did have very good wording and had some very good points in it.

*Spoiler Ended*

I will post my favorite part in the book l8er. and i promise

*For Those Of You Who Have Not Read The Book*

I promise it won't spoil the fun of reading the book it's just one of those clever things in the beginning of the chapter that seems just to be nonsense.

with all due respect,


The following is my favorite part in the End. And I assure you it will not spoil anything as it means nothing with the rest of the book.

Chapter Nine
The Phrase “in the dark,” as I’m sure you know, can refer not only to one’s shadowy surroundings, but also to the shadowy secrets of which one might be unaware. Every day, the sun goes down over all these secrets, and so everyone is in the dark in one way or another. If you are sunbathing in a park, for instance, but you do not know that a locked cabinet is buried fifty feet beneath your blanket, then you are in the dark even though you are not actually in the dark, whereas if you are on a midnight hike, knowing full well that several ballerinas are following close behind you, then you are not in the dark even if you are in fact in the dark. Of course, it is quite possible to be in the dark in the dark, as well as to be not in the dark not in the dark, but there are so many secrets in the world that it is likely that you are always in the dark about something or another, whether you are in the dark in the dark or in the dark not in the dark, although the sun can go down so quickly that you may be in the dark about being in the dark in the dark, only to look around and find yourself no longer in the dark about being in the dark in the dark, but in the dark in the dark nonetheless, not only because of the dark, but because of the ballerinas in the dark, who are not in the dark about the dark, but also not in the dark about the locked cabinet, and you may be in the dark about the ballerinas digging up the locked cabinet in the dark, even though you are no longer in the dark about being in the dark, and so you are in fact in the dark about being in the dark, even though you are not in the dark about being in the dark, and so you may fall into the hole that the ballerinas have dug, which is dark, in the dark, in the park.

with all due respect,


i don't know if i wrote every word down correctly so it might not quite make sense so if anything is repeated (except that might be kind of hard to tell) then just let me know and i'll fix it.

but just to let u know that it took a really long time to post so i hope u enjoy it.

with all due respect,


i've posted on this site a total of 22 times

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