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Lance, I think you nailed it. The story they're telling is one big "duhhhh," having been told in bits and pieces over the last three years and in big chunks in recent months by Ricks and Suskind, respectively. But the fact that this is Woodward telling it is significant, in that inside-inside-inside-baseball Washington kind of way. And the fact that Woodward, with his access, could have told it 18 months or two years ago -- and chose instead to publish that stupid 9/11 book -- means something, too.


I just read one of the excerpts in the Post, the one about Kissinger's being an 'advisor' to Bush on Iraq. On Iraq. On freakin' IRAQ, people!!

I am still shaking with rage.

If I ever, in years to come, have the misfortune to see any of these people walking around freely in public, and not in the dock at The Hague, I will spit at them. Yes, spit. They do not even deserve the courtesy of hearing the words so many better writers than I have wasted on them.


First, like your first commentor, I wonder just how much of these thoughts and opinions Woodward knew a year.... or two... or three years ago, told to him in little asides and dinner parties and sundry social occasions but kept back until now.

That leads then into a second point. While aware we cannot truly know the answer to the question, I am curious whether Woodward found religion on Iraq because his own reputation has been so damaged by his association with the war. As much as any media player, Woodward contributed to the "ask no questions" atmosphere in the run-up to the war by portraying its leadership as selfless, dedicated, and all-competent. Such an atmosphere continued to hang over the country until a relatively short time ago. In doing so Woodward signed on to be The Chronicler of the Iraq war.

And now look what's happened with the war. For his trouble, he a portion of the so-called informed readership out there feeling he compromised himself, thinking he willingly tied himself to The War Effort (in good faith or otherwise, or because he wanted to be Thucydides, you decide). An even bigger portion of the informed readership is deciding that he got played (shameful for any reporter) or that he was a stooge. I doubt he would admit that redemption played a part in the drive behind his new book. Or that he could. But I wonder.


I just can't trust Woodward at all. I see this as last minute spinning to protect the neocon movement and blame it on the man, Bush, and not the cause, invading Iraq. It is getting harder to deny reality so many right wingers are attempting to deflect some of the damage by showing us their "independence". Just watch Fox and see the sober realists tell us how it is, in terms that two years ago would have them screaming that the person who uttered them was a terrorist loving traitor.

I think the real test of Woodward will be seeing how he tries to spin what he says in his book when he goes on the shows and gets grilled. If he is true to form he will end up defending the new right fascist party. We will see.


Woodward wouldn't get the inside running if he were going to tell all. He is like a prostitute: he sells his writing skills so as he can mix with the rich and powerful and in return he paints them with verbal camouflage that hides the true extent of their blemishes and crimes.

And while he's playing his double-game he's making a nice living from book sales and television. Some might call him a p#*~k-teaser! Cheers.

Kevin Wolf

My feeling on hearing about what's in the book was similar to comments above: Why let people know right away that you've seen that the idiots are running things when you can save that revelation for your book?

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