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blue girl

Lance, you don't really expect us to buy that you listened to the Talking Heads?

Why not? They're great. Stop making, um, nonsense.


PA Reader

Lance: You might be shocked to learn that Fear of Music got me through my Decedents exam in my second year of law school. When times got tough and anything approximating the Rule Against Perpetuities came up, what ran through my head was the following:

Did I forget to mention, forget to mention Memphis
Home of Elvis and the ancient Greeks
What do I smell? I smell home cooking
It's only the river, it's only the river.

Of course, that had nothing to do with the Rule Against Perpetuities, but it did clear my head and allowed me to focus. Got a B+. I never used the Decedents stuff again, but I do listen to Fear of Music now and then.

Kevin Wolf

Lance, you did better than I: All the opportunities I had (or could have if I'd even looked) to see shows at CBGB and I never once went.

I did love NYC, though, as much as my meager wage allowed.


I love Elvis Costello... always have, always will.

Lance, I am having major mental disconnect here... I just can't picture you in some of the above scenarios. Just how much poetic license are you using? Again, I seem to have you in the Lester Lannon crowd.


PA Reader, I am not shocked. I've heard tales from the blonde. Plus, I have to believe you so you'll believe me. We dull, staid suburban dad types need to band together to defend the memories of our rebellious youths.


Too funny, Lance. I've also sorta stayed out of the CBGBs memorials, even though I saw some great shows there. My real experience with the punk and post-punk scene is more associated with Boston, Providence, and some smaller New England cities, though. The El n Gee club in New London, CT is actually still in business, I think, although under new ownership. I would match the toilets there back in the day against the ones at CBGBs. Seriously. They eventually had to just demolish them altogether and install completely new bathrooms in another part of the building because they were just beyond saving. I'll bet the guys who did the demolition got seriously high from the plaster dust, too.

I did actually meet Talking Heads in Cambridge, when I was working at the Harvard Coop, though. They were still a trio then, and just starting out promoting their first album. All I remember though, is how tiny and cute Tina was (and still is, no doubt).

If you ever actually met Elvis Costello (who is still an idol of mine, listen to him every day still) I will be so jealous that I will possibly never forgive you. Especially if you don't tell us about it.

Pa Reader

Lance: Beware blondes telling tales.

Tom W.

Well, CBGB wasn't the best - Max's Kansas City, now THAT was the best. Why the apologies for the Talking Heads and Elvis? Patti Smith most certainly DID rewire my brain, btw, and she improved it in the that Patti Smith, a poet-goddess.

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