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Joh Padgett

Wow that's a pretty tragic story. Chris Farley is someone people would always compare me to in my younger, drunker, less mature, wild man days which were taking place about the same time Farley's wild man days were.

By the time Farley died those days for me were coming to an end, I was maturing and getting more intelligent with my humor and taking a different path. Farley at the end was not funny anymore and the tragedy that was his life apparently reflected that. He was, is and will always be a tragic reminder for me of how I could have turned out. This story just kind of adds to that.


I think you miss the sweetness that was always behind Farley at his best. I particularly think of his interview with Paul McCartney.

"So, remember when you said, 'The love you take, is equal to the love you make?' Is that true?"

He delivered that line with such a combination of innocence and awe, and of course he got a huge laugh.


Oh, tell me it wasn't Anne Heche who dumped Farley for Steve Martin! Because that would've been the best thing to ever happen to Chris.


Might have been Victoria Tennant (sp?); didn't she marry Martin? I remember her from "The Winds of War;" she played Pamela Tewksbury.

Mike Schilling

Oh, tell me it wasn't Anne Heche who dumped Farley for Steve Martin!

And when she dumped *him*, Martin said "She may find someone more intelligent or more successful than I am, but she'll never find anyone more masculine."


And when she dumped Ellen, Ellen said, "She may find someone more intelligent or more successful than I am, but she'll never find anyone more feminine."


Farley may have been right. I used to be a big Martin fan but it has been a long time since anything he has done has made me laugh. I think Farley would have grown as a comedian if given a chance but sometimes it is just a breif time they have when they are really on their game, like Martin or Williams or Chase.

Michael Bains

Farley's one of those guys I never wanted to like, but at whom I just couldn't stop laughing. Think it must've been that more decent and likeable guy aspect.

Whatever his schtick, there're always "best intentions" and "no one (but me [him]) gets hurt" qualities to it.

I ain't always likin' that 'bout m'self, but it sure could be worse...


Farley was a legend at the Catholic High School he attended here in Madison: his vast appetites, his practical jokes, his sense of humor. They were still reminiscing about his senior prank when my son went there.

In the end, I couldn't watch him on screen because all there was, was his self-loathing writ large. It was too painful to see.

harry near indy

an addition to the tale of two chrises -- rock and farley:

rock was a high school drop out, and still might be. i don't know if he ever got a ged or the equivalent. otoh, farley was a graduate of marquette university.


There's some debate as to whether Chris F. ever really got a diploma from Marquette...his hell-raising activities were said to have gotten in the way of any serious Jesuitical study pursuits.


Hey, JVD, I bet you know my neighbor in Madison, who also went to school with Farley. Now he sells insurance in Madison, has three lovely kids. Or is it four?


I dropped in on this blog by accident and one question arises in my brain. I dont remember you on the show. You say you gave up the show about the same time as chris got hired, but i dont remember you, whats up with that? Did you mean that you stopped watching? No of course not, because then you wouldnt be able to say those mean things about chris without coming off as a dipshit without any bearing to life as such. Lacocaracha and great juletide greetings from a true friend of chris.

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