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Kate Marie

Hi Lance,

Let's not forget Bilbo -- the only character to give up the ring voluntarily after having "owned" it.

And don't discount Frodo's strength. It's an open question, after all, how Aragorn, Gandalf, and Galadriel would have fared had they been burdened with the responsibility of trekking across Mordor and up Mount Doom and then destroying the ring.

Ken Rasak

So I guess what you're saying is Rick Santorum would suck as a book critic, too.

Mike Schilling

There are no accidents in Middle Earth. Frodo's will fails at the last moment, but it was sufficient to bring the Ring as far as Mount Doom. (Aragorn or Gandalf would have gone Dark Lord long before that.) Gollum is around to fall into the Cracks only because Frodo's mercy spared him, when plain straightforward Sam could see that killing him was the smart thing. And not just mercy: empathy as well. Frodo could pity Gollum, because he knew what it was to be tortured by the Ring's power.

Somehow I don't think Santorum is pushing mercy and empathy for our enemies as a foreign policy.



You're right. Bilbo is still my hero, and I'm still mad at Peter Jackson for not finding a way to work in a flashback to the riddle scene.

I think Aragorn, Galadriel, and Gandalf all make the point to Frodo that he is the only one strong enough to carry the ring. They each admit they are too weak for the job themselves, which is of course part of their strength.

Ken, yep. That's pretty much the point of today's post.

velvet goldmine

Jeeze Louise. Nothing like A LOTR reference to bring on a full-scale nerd attack. He better stay away from Star Trek or this thing could go supernova.


"Jeeze Louise. Nothing like A LOTR reference to bring on a full-scale nerd attack"



My hero has always been Sam, the loyal companion.

He's the one with the true heart in the story.


Donna and Kate Marie:It's also worth noting that Sam too gives up the Ring voluntarily, though he only bore it for a little while.

Perhaps even more voluntarily than Bilbo:in the books, Bilbo requires a _lot_ of browbeating from Gandalf to lay the Ring aside.


Apropos of Santorum's regard for the soldiers dying and being mutilated in Iraq, last week he gave a pep talk to a small group of Republican faithful in Lancaster County, PA. Among other comments, he belittled the sacrifice of our soldiers in Iraq by saying that the almost 3,000 dead were just an hour's worth of D-day.

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