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Congratulations! Since I am a loyal reader, I did what I was told. I also put that blank check in the mail and put you on as a co-signer on my bank account.


Congratulations! And I certainly will give 'em my big thumbs up. And probably a few more accolades to Lance. And I'll even try not to go overboard. Never at a loss for words, I'm sure they're interested in more than one point of view. Great good news.


Congratulations, Lance! You deserve awards. Lots of awards. Thanks for letting your loyal readers know about your nomination. I, too, went to the German site and told them "Ich mag Lance." Das ist gute?


I have voted. This is fabulous. You better win. Let me know if we need to rough up anyone. :)


Congrats, Lance. Very well deserved.


I wish I felt as positively about all my voting. Whether or not you win (I don't know how these things work but you will understand if I'm a little cynical about any process these days), you certainly deserve this. Your blog is a pleasure...

But, enough sincere compliments - I'm sure it gets boring to hear how much people like your blog....I have a question: It says the topic of your blog is literature and....comics?

Kate Marie

Good on ya, Mannion!

mac macgillicuddy

LM, I did my part. When do I get my check?

Seriously, all the Mannionheads are proud and pleased as punch here.

mac macgillicuddy

Oh, I forgot to ask: What do you win if you win?

blue girl



Just another Mannionhead here to say Woo-hoo for you!

I'm with Claire. If we need to rough anyone up, I'm there. People don't *even* want to know how crazy we Mannionheads can get.

Karate chops. Upper cuts. Stuff like that. They won't even know what hit 'em.




"People don't *even* want to know how crazy we Mannionheads can get."

Why do I picture Mannionheads brow-beating them details, examples, etc, instead of punches? Tossing little known facts like a sock to the chops! Leaving no info stone unturned!

blue girl


Mannionheads to whoever we'll be roughing up...

Oh yeah?! You think so, do you? Really? Well, *click here*, I said *CLICK THIS LINK*! And *click this one, too!*

What's wrong? Can't take it?

Well, there's more from where that came from, buddy!

Watch your back!


(The above smiley face represents me cracking myself up.)


BG- :)

mac macgilliduddy

I think I'm onto something with this Mannionhead thing. Now we need a secret code. "Dittos" is taken by that idiot, fathead Rush, but maybe we could use, say, "Ditties," as in, "Ditties from Mannionland here, LM; longtime lurker, first-time blogger..." No, no, this is getting too derivative...

Anyone? Anyone?


Mac-- HA! :)

And BG, let's get our goons together and go trolling the streets for those people not clicking.

blue girl

I'm workin' on it Mac.


Are we Mannionheads or Lance-a-likes or maybe Lance-a-lites???

Mac Macgilliduddy

Let's not get carried away.


Mac- There's no fun in not getting carried away...

Since I like to call Lance, *Studley DoRight*, I think all women who read Lance should be refered to as a *Nell*... how's that for getting carried away? :)


Hey Mac... since the Deadheads wear tie-dyed shirts, just what would a Mannionhead wear??? Tie-dyed button-downs?

BG- Do you think the poet shirt would be more Mannionhead-esque?

And when will Ben & Jerry's come out with a Mannionhead flavor???

mac macgilliduddy

A proper Mannionhead should wear a tie-dyed shirt but no pants.


"A proper Mannionhead should wear a tie-dyed shirt but no pants."

Sounds suspicious...


Congrats, Lance. Well done.

blue girl

A proper Mannionhead should wear a tie-dyed shirt but no pants.

I agree with Jennifer. Sounds like some sort of sneaky plan. I can spot sneaky plans a mile off.

Gotta get up pretty early in the morning, Mac.


BG- Do you think the poet shirt would be more Mannionhead-esque?

Jennifer: I have a feeling the leader of Mannionville probably wears this kind of shirt. And if he just expects us all to follow his lead like a bunch of lemmings in puffy shirts ... well, he's got another thing comin'.

blue girl

Shoot. My link didn't work. Hope it works this time.

Fingers crossed.

velvet goldmine

BG, I'd hate to have to bitch slap you, but this is what everyone will be asked to wear at the next convention*:

Sorry for the ungainly address, but if I tried to do it your way we'd be here all night.

blue girl

I've never seen that movie (I'll have to get it.) I'm glad to know where your screen name came from. I've always liked it. Anyway.

The fashion is very Bowie-esque. Quite Ziggy Stardustish.

I could do that.


velvet goldmine

BG -- Talk about six degrees of! Somehow we've turned a guy who dresses like an L.L. Bean catalogue into Eddie Izzard in a puffy shirt (OK, that's redundant). Anyway, you can see how Internet conspiracies come about.

blue girl

velvet goldmine,

He's an L.L. Bean prep, huh?

Please, please, please tell me he doesn't wear beige belts with navy blue ducks embroidered on them.

Please! I beg of you.

Buttoned-down collared shirts, khakis and top siders without socks ... somewhat acceptable.

But. If there are Duck Belts anywhere in the equation, I may have to flee Mannionville and never look back.


BG & VG- If he's donning ducks or whales on his pinwales, then he probably has a pair of those 4-color pants... yellow on the front of one leg, red on the back... argh!

What would be worse, ducks on cords(again we have the cords of mass extension...) or polyester Sansabelts ala Neil Diamond?? I think the Sansabelts would compliment the Ziggy-poof shirt.


Lance- maybe you could market some *Lancey-pants*.

Okay, I'll be nice now.

velvet goldmine

BG and Jennifer: I was just guessing, of course. But I was thinking simple elegance -- Yankee understatement -- rather than what you're fearing.

That guy (and he is "that guy," right?) would be the pink-polo'd jerk I just enountered on a Maine harbor cruise who ordered about six cocktails in an hour, and then, when the captain's wife offered to take a picture of him, his wife and the other couple in their party, barked out, "Ya using a wide lens? 'Cause we got some big girls here, hahahahaha."

That's a tangent, but -- I think it's the ducks that bring the jerk out it out in a man. Duckheads, all of 'em.


VG- "Yankee understatement"... isn't that redundant???

Sorry to hear about the jerk on the cruise. Was there no way to toss him over or attach a lobster to his nether regions? Maybe that is how those animaled pants started... from jerks who needed them firmly attached to their bottom half for bad behavior.


VG- your subtlety espcaped me for a moment... Duckheads indeed! :)


Hot damn is right, Lance Mannion. You deserve it!!


I've been gone for one week and look what I've missed! Thanks to BG's post Lance now has my vote. It must have been very cloudy on the Planet of the Blind last week because somehow my hubby either missed this news, or he's "been meaning" to tell me. Hmmm. Makes me wonder what he's up to when I'm gone...

Congrats Lance!!!!!

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