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Well, I'd like to think so. Meaning I called Durbin and Obama today.

Looking at the last few years, it's getting harder to pretend otherwise. As to why this is the case, I'll paraphrase another blogger who said that the answer can be found in reading Pierre Janet and the Marquis de Sade.

On a lighter note, I like reading your site for the sensible centrist position you seem to come from. I wish there were more like you.......


Beautiful post.

The Heretik

Quite so.


Unfortunately, evidence seems to prove you wrong, at least for some Americans...


Well, we'll see...won't we? Personally, I think the America you are alluding to is gone.


Even though our President has led us in the wrong direction, we CAN'T give up and accept our present situation as the New America. We have to speak up, get back on track and forget about this detour. If we've given up and don't try, that's when we're no longer Americans.


Last night I ate dinner with a man who almost convinced me that Bush is not stupid. He acts stupid. That's his is it spelled?...schitck? He's all shrugs and "Who me?" behind the podium. But Cheney and Rumsfeld, etc. do his bidding because they really do see him as, well, don't let me intimate, The Fuhrer, but something newer, something more 21 century in psycological terms. This man who paid for my halibut and greens braised in squid ink honestly believes Bush counts as one of the great evil-doers. So sure, I'll write my congressperson, making it a point to lament the death toll, the disconnect, the see and hear no evil. But what hope is left? Some people swear the guy stole two elections.
But perhaps that's excessive. So, okay, the best plan? I'll write Hillary. That should help.
Already this year I have marched in the streets, swarming with people in hippyish costumes, found my feet soiled by police horse dung, and sought shelter for my migraine in (of all places!) a Duane Reade. The phone keeps ringing and I go ahead and mail off meager donations I can not afford. Are we all agreed? We'll forego haircuts and tooth fillings? So that then maybe the state of the nation will start to look noble and bright again? Does anyone know of any polls tracking whether or not fewer mercenaries are joining the Blackguard?
Did I miss an important TV show? The one where the Big Chief bangs his fist on a wooden surface and declares through teeth so clenched no one could doubt him that from here on more water-boarding?


"Amercians are not stupid."

Do you really think so? The older i get, the more I think the opposite is true. Just look at the top TV shows, the best selling albums, the most popular movies. Just look at who we keep electing.

mac macgillicuddy

"We aren't yellowbellied lily-livered chickenhearted scardy cats who throw away all we believe in just because we are afraid for our own skins."

Speak for yourself, Lance!

(By the way, does anyone know if that door is unlocked?)


"Americans are not stupid."

Unfortunately, Lance, empirical evidence would seem to suggest that yes, they are indeed stupid.

harry near indy

it's not just americans, lance. it's civilized, humane people, male or female.

but of what i know of my *fellow* hoosiers, let along my *fellow* citizens, they'd love to see their opponents or enemies or all those not like them suffer.

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