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I totaly second the idea of making a show or movie based on Pike. I read a novel based on him that was great - I would love to see him on the screen.

I think Damon is a great choice to play Kirk - sure he can be a little staid but I think that's more the roles he usually gets. Every Kevin Smith movie he's been in he breaks out of the "presence" he puts into his other films - I think he is more than capable of doing it here.


Oh, thanks for the heads up - I wasn't aware that they had moved to this point in getting ready for a new ST film. I can't tell you how exciting the prospect of JJ Abrams doing it. Although, I would be even happier if it were Joss Whedon.


I didn't know this was happening and, as another unapologetic Trekkie (of a sort....quick anecdote - went into a record/video store where an episode was just coming on. A couple of staffers were commenting on it "now which episode is this?" I felt immediately Star Trek-smug because I knew which episode...and then another couple of staffers came up and starting reciting all the lines before they were said and I realized I would always retain my amateur Trekkie status)...I think Damon could do a really good job - he can be staid but I believe he could open up in the right part. I just hope he doesn't try and do a Shatner imitation because I don't think anyone else can walk that fine line of acting/hamminess and pull it off.

Thanks for writing about this - I was just getting ready to write a kind of snarky response to one of the comments from Conservatives in the Classroom and it was just making me grumpy while this is leaving me happily contemplating Star Trek casting...(okay but quickly - to the other post's comments, I will just say the fact that we even get to read masterpieces like Lolita is a testament to the liberal influence on the humanities.)

Exiled in New Jersey

Somehow my browser seems to have redirected me away from Lance to one of those IMDB 'who should play whom in the remake' boards. William Katt and Tom Berenger have the experience to do this sort of thing; they were Butch and Sundance, the early days.


I too think Damon would do a fine job as freshly-minted Captain Kirk. Dunno who would play the Academy renegade who gamed the Kobayashi Maru scenario, though. Who's a good young-enough actor for doing someone who's too smart for his own good, and has problems with authority?

and Chekhov, who won't be in the movie, because he didn't arrive onboard the Enterprise until the second season, but what the heck.

Well, there's some wiggle room on that, based on Chekhov's horrified recognition of Khan (and recall of Lt. McGivers) in Star Trek II. After all, "Space Seed" was a first-season episode. Perhaps he was a very junior ensign who always had the low watch during the first season, or, uh... PUNT!

I'm thinking Kirk, like George Washington, was raised by his demanding older brother. He never mentions his parents, so they might have died when he was a kid.

As always, there are plenty of arguments about what is canonical in the ST universe, given the plethora of books, comics, epic poems, etc. However, there's at least moderate support for Commander George Samuel Kirk, James Kirk's distant, almost-always-absent father, who presumably was killed before the events of ST. If Sam helped raise his younger brother, resented the absence of his father due to his Starfleet career, and perhaps even had Starfleet to blame for his death, I could see him being disappointed with James following the Starfleet path as well. There seems to be little discussion of James Kirk's mother, though. Roddenberry himself has mentioned JTK's grandfather Samuel, whose fascination with a certain Roman Emperor led to the middle name "Tiberius." I'm not sure how much his lifespan overlapped with JTK.

Gad, this takes me back to my undergraduate days. Can we argue about who's the best Doctor next?

Kevin Wolf

Damon seems feasible but I'd like to hear more nominations. (And, no, I ain't got nothing.)

Casting Spock would seem even more interesting.

I'm glad they're doing something Trek-wise. I've always enjoyed the franchise, even if my fan boy creditials are junior league.

Are you aware of the folks who are surviving the drought in new official Trek material by making their own episodes?


"Dunno who would play the Academy renegade who gamed the Kobayashi Maru scenario, though. Who's a good young-enough actor for doing someone who's too smart for his own good, and has problems with authority?"

Jake Glynnenhall (sp?) -- the lead from Donnie Darko could probably pull it off except for the fact that he bears no physical resemblance to Shatner.

M. Duss

I thought Parker Posey would have made a perfect Lois Lane. This, among many other things, made it hard for me to enjoy the movie.

Chris Galdieri

Gary Sinise would be a perfect Dr. McCoy.

As I'm slowly making my way through the first part of the first season on DVD, I have to wonder if Yeoman Rand will be in the movie...

The Heretik in an Era of Goldstein

Oy, you are a piker in the best sense of the word.


Oy, you are a Riker in the best sense of the word.

Kit Stolz

The Pike idea for a series reboot is brilliant. I don't know the pilot or the character; did he have Captain Queeg tendencies? If so, Kirk could earn his command by standing up to the out-of-control captain...


When I was a small girl, I remember watching Jeffrey Hunter portray Jesus in King of Kings. I became an instant believer!


Kit, if you've never seen The Cage episode that reworks the original pilot with Pike you need to rush out and rent it ASAP. I won't spoil any of it for you, but just know he is definitely not a Captain Queeg type

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As I recall, there was an episode with an acting company whose head turned out to be the long-sought tyrant who murdered most of a planet with draconian rationing, and some of the people killed were Kirk's parents.


Sinise has been auditioning for McCoy since he first got his eyebrows waxed, and did Captain Dan in FORREST GUMP. Tho if Hanks could turn his ego off, he'd be good too.

Don't waste Kirk on Bale -- he is pure saturnine intensity, and a girl wants that for Spock, don'tcha know.

A Pike prequel would be a great beginning, then build up to seeing Kirk, but the last time they tried this was ENTERPRISE, and I say once bitten....


I think matt Damon might be a respectable Kirk, if he manages to get the stick out of his a** and plays with a bit more vigor. However, if this really is a movie about an early Kirk, Spock and co., it actually might be in his favour to be a bit less exuberant.
But depending on when they want the plot to be set, they might need good make-up artist.^^
I think Christian Bale would make a wonderful Spock! His abilities as actor as well as his body and facial structure are perfect for the role.
If there will be a McCoy, I think Gary Sinise will do a good job. He has the McCoy-eyes.

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