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Teenager!!! Congrats on doing well! No matter how far surgery has come, it is still an invasion of a sort. It is a testament to your sturdy stock that you are doing so well!

You know, it is a human trait to care about people and their conditions... one our Commander in Chief could remember... but I digress... Anyhow, I am glad to hear you are doing well. I really didn't worry about you, but I did worry about your father and mother. I know what it is like to be a parent and to see your child go through something like this... Glad all of you came out okay, Popeye!

Hey... I had a Popeye... I can't imagine you're related... Come to think of it, my father is a Popeye when he is tired...

Okay, I'll stop. Enjoy being back to the land of the healthy and do what they tell you to do. It may not make sense, but believe it or not... it makes sense.

Ronzoni Rigatoni

At age 7, I had the ol' appendix removed. I'll never forget the Dr's comforting words when I pointed out to him that I never had an appendix operation before. "That's OK," he said, "I've never done one before."

LOL That was 56 years ago. Seems it was probably a success.

blue girl

Mr. Teenage Mannion,

Glad to hear you're doing so well and back to school and all that good stuff. And it sounds like you have a good social studies teacher. Can't beat that.

You know, I really liked your post. Come to think of it, it's one of the best one's I've read over this way in awhile.

Just kidding!

NOT about your post being a good post, but I'm just razzin' your dad.

You do that, don't you? Make sure you do -- whether he's nice to you or not.

It's your job! You're a teenager!


Great post there, Teenage Mannion! I can tell that you inherited the Family Writing Gene.

That's a nice story your dad told about walking with you in the hospital when you were a baby. I'll bet he's full of lots and lots of good stories. In fact, as a member of the LMTTOMC, I know he is.

I'm really glad you're feeling better. I knew you'd come through with flying colors.

I know your mom and dad are still being nice to you. But how about your brother? Brothers sometimes forget once you start feeling better! :)

I'm happy you're back into the school routine. Have a great year and have fun!


Good to hear from you, Teenage Mannion (a name which makes me think of the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles)! I'm glad to hear you're on the mend!

Gray Lensman

Congrats, TM! I just had mine out. Here they call it a "lappy appy". Not fun but not that bad.

There was one funny thing about mine. We were in Grand Lake CO, and I had to be taken to Denver for the lappy appy. It was 8:30pm on Labor Day, on I-70, which was a parking lot. The ambulance driver, Mark, turned on the siren and lights and drove 90 mph. He shortened the regular trip by half! I enjoyed it 'cause I was feeling no pain by that time. Now, a week later, I think what could have happened if a 1500 lb bull moose had stepped out in the passing lane to take a doody. He would have been in the other gurney, asking for a Tylenol!

Have a great year.

Kevin Wolf

Glad to hear you're doing well. I know from experience how disorienting surgery can be - doesn't it feel great to get back to normal?


I'm so happy to hear that you're getting better, TM. You rock!


Sorry I missed all the excitement...I was in Dublin, where, come to think of it, it was plenty exciting.

But I would like to send best wishes for your recovery, Teen Mannion.

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