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Glad all is well. I hope that's your drama for the year, but I'm guessing since he's 13... it's not. :-)


Poor kid! Let him know that his dad's blogging friends wish him well.

blue girl

Dear Mr. 13 year old Mannion, I hope you're feeling better and back to your old self fast.

You know, I was thinking ... you could totally soak this situation to your advantage. The sky's really the limit here! There's no telling what you could get out of it!

I would go into more detail, but I don't want to get in trouble with your dad.


My son, all 6'3" of him, had his appendix out when he was 16. His mom took him in at 11 PM or so on a Saturday after a miserable his account..although he had played a soccer game that day. He did not complain to us until the last minute. The operation was conducted at 1AM and it went well. He was, however, under 18, so he was placed in the pediatric ward. The bed was too short and the Bert and Ernie wallpaper were not his aesthetic. The food was childish.

He was released the next day (Sunday) and returned to school Monday. He was able to prove his adventure to his friends (who had seen him Saturday) with a discreet scar showing, but his female chemistry teacher made him take a test for which he had been unable to adequately study because she did not believe his tale.

Word was that he had told a tall one on occasion.


Rest up and feel better soon!!

PZ Myers

In our day it was worth a week off from school because of the crudity of technique. I've got an 8" long scar on my belly from my appendectomy -- it's like the surgeon wanted to be able to get both hands in there and still bite it off with his teeth. Nowadays, it's an itty-bitty incision and a couple of stitches.

mac macgillicuddy

First of all, get well soon, from your uncle Mac. I hope you got your card. I had to send it through your Dad Mannion, and he may have kept it for himself because it was very funny, and fathers need a laugh to cheer themselves when their sons are hurting.

Second, isn't it amazing what they can do with a laser these days. I know a guy who had a similarly unexpected gall bladder attack. Gall bladder-ectopies (or whatever they are called), like apendectomies, used to require weeks in the hospital. I know some people who did that back in the 70s. Today, it's a few hours, tops, and the guy I know who is minus one gall bladder cannot, for the life of him, figure out how they got that thing out.

Last, as BG points out, now is the time to milk this thing for all it's worth. Don't let them talk you into going back to school any sooner than you have to!

Kate Marie

Best wishes and get well soon to the teenage Mannion -- poor thing! I'll second the advice to milk it for all it's worth.

I broke my arm playing football when I was twelve and had to have surgery, which included the placing of pins and clamps in my arm. I was home from school for about a week and was able to exploit one of my younger sisters for all sorts of favors -- milk and cookies, blankets, bringing me the remote, etc. And the beauty part was that I didn't have to use up my fund of threats and intimidation. She did it all out of sympathy and concern for me. Go figure.


Your son is Ben Roethlisberger?

Ok, probably not. Best wishes and milk it, milk it, milk it! My lousy tonsillectomy was only good for a week, and it was during the summer anyway!

Violet Mannion

Feel better soon! Look at it this way: One less day of eigth grade. lol. It wasn't that bad, really... I'm just not sure how great ninth will

I'd normally agree with them: I'd use it to my advantage as long as possible.... Though it can be a bit odd or difficult missing the first day of school. On second thought, it's better than missing most other days because then you haven't got much work to make up, if any. Even so. It was the first day. Ah well. I'm sure you'll pull through just fine. Feel better soon!

Best wishes,


oh gosh, the poor guy! That is painful, but I am glad he is mending well. Sending my best healing vibrations to the Mannion family.

Mike Schilling

The sickest I've ever been was the summer after my junior year in college. I had hepatic mononucleosis, which, unlike regular mono, involves the liver and includes temperatures of over 105. After recovering from that, I had a bellyache, and since I still wasn't 100%, toughed it out for only a short time before asking my folks to take me back to the hospital. The cause was determined to be (you are no doubt all way ahead of me) an appendix almost ready to burst.

Good thing I'd been sick.


Wow. Poor kid -- I'm glad to hear he's feeling better.

Was it laparoscopic surgery instead of the usual incision? I'm having a lapo preocedure myself in October and I'm hearing various stories about recovery time.


Wow! I know nothing about this so I am in amazement. Seems incredible quick to me. Glad everything went okay....

Kevin Wolf

My oldest brother went through exactly this, but it was back in the big scalpels and big stiches days. Really looked a mess.

I'm very glad all went well.

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