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I don't know, Lance. Many older women do NOT recall their lovely youth, when they were barely, if at all, aware of their sexual power over men, with anything like nostalgia.
In fairy tales, filled with old witches, mind you, a mature woman may seethe with jealousy toward a young beauty. But in real life, the mature woman may be only too glad to have lived past the point where her mere presence incites straight men, in such a way that the man's impassioned response looks like fury, anger, or at best, random, objectifying lust.
Certainly, whatever a smart but beautiful girl has to say is either not nearly as fascinating as the way she looks, or else altogether impossible for a straight man to hear, so dazzled is he by her physical presence. How do these girls get anything resembling an equal education?
And often (even in instances where the young woman plays her part well, having carefully studied just what was it about "Lolita?") she most likely does not feel especially beautiful, not with the media, the vast voice of riled men, various authorities, and that day's fashion magazines cataloguing every way she may or may not fall short of a some pop feminine icon.
And then there's the "butterface" girls. "Yeah, everyone tells me I have a great-looking body but when I turn away, I can just hear them: "But her **face**!"
Only remarkably self-confident young women can accept how beautiful they are, and even then, chances are, that extravagant gift, their dewy beauty, gets them into more degrading situations than advantageous ones. Beautiful young women who somehow manage to remain unaware of their own lust and anyone else's generally fare the best. They can strike a genuinely innocent pose.
And mothers, who years ago ventured into waters teeming with sexual sharks, and soon found more attention than they could ever want, can help by explaining some of this to their daughters.
Jealousy is such a childish resentment, and easily equated with: he or she has more toys than I ever will. Grown-up men and women should help young women and do all they can to convince them that no matter how fantastic their beauty, it is not essential to being loved. Too often, it can work against falling into a lifelong and evolving love. And for the pop icon, if you look again at those tabloids, their adored stature more often than not, brings ruin, if not irrevocable tragedy.
This pervades our culture and in no way adheres more to conservatives than liberals.
It all comes down to youth and power, age and power, and what men and women decide to do about it.

blue girl

"Our side" takes pot shots all the time at "the other side." Pam at Atlas Shrugs comes to mind. And it's not like I don't think she deserves it. She does! She's nuts! And I'm not jealous of her at all when I say that. I'm not! After all, I think she's older than me. Hee-hee. Just kidding. (Don't yell at me.)

But, they think we deserve it, too.

I just think Jessica's photo was too good for a right winger to pass up. Pretty dark haired girl, so Monica-like, positioned right in front of Clinton. And then someone brings up the word "boobs" and all bets are off. Everyone's inner 8th grader comes out in full force. I guess I believe what you wrote was just a cheap way for that gang to enjoy some more Clinton porn together, a blogging circle jerk presided over by a leering Ann Althouse.

I just felt bad about the whole thing because...who really likes getting their picture taken anyway? (No one I know) And she knew she was in front of Clinton. So, she was just trying not to look like a dope. Hoping the photo would come out good. Or at least that's what I imagine.

But then she got ripped to shreds anyway. And her, um, breasts are being talked about and joked about all over the place. Pretty embarrassing.

I hope she has a sense of humor about it. She should get it enlarged (I'm talking about the photo) and put a little gold engraved plaque on it that says...per tbogg: The Great Breasticle Crisis of 9/15

And let me indulge my inner 8th grader for a second...I liked Sadly, No!'s last line in their post...

Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boob. Thankyew, try the veal.


blue girl

I got all caught up in my inner 8th grader and forgot to say...

...there are in fact a very limited number of human types and I made a list that didn't come close to filling one side of the blackboard.

I'd really like to see that list.

I hope you write a post about it.


Althouse did a shitty thing that no older woman should do to a younger woman. She wouldn't have appreciated it had it been done to her waaaay back when.

I don't know when people are going to realize this, but women tend to come with breasts and they are not to be hidden in pleated trousers, but are placed right up front for the world to see. (I am guessing if Jessica had hidden hers under layers of bulky sweaters she would have been called frumpy.)I also don't recall ever seeing anything in any anatomy class about the fact that a feminist would not have them unless that feminist happens to be a cold-blooded reptile...

Speaking for my breasts and they told me I could, my breasts do not vote, my breasts to not judge, my breasts at times have appreciated the attention of both Republicans and Democrats. When they were appreciating this attention, no thoughts of politics or of being a feminist were going through their mind. And there have even been times when they have been enjoying attention when I have been able to keep my mind on the tasks at hand. I was able to seperate my mind from my breasts... something Althouse doesn't seem to be able to do.

Breasts happen. Yes, I have breasts and I am happy to say, I am still able to think, string together a sentence, and hope for a better world for women... preferably one where women don't take pot shots at other women.


Since I don't really care about Ann Althouse or Jessica of Feministing's breasts, I focused on the post detail that needed expansion. How did you not list the types you wrote on the blackboard?


Just throwing my vote in with blue girl and noXmas. We want the list!
And my inner 8th grader can't help wondering if when Jennifer's breasts received the attentions of both Democrats and Republicans it was simultaneously or seriatim.


Lance, throw in my vote for the list as well.

As for CJ... depends on which kind of attention you're talking about. ;-)


I don't question the Snow White/evil Stepmother syndrome - pretty pathetic and all the cries of "we're questioning her being near Clinton because she's a feminist" are just embarrassing.

But is it sinking or raising the discussion level to talk about your analysis of the Farrah incident...?

To say she was a woman who wouldn't have to fear sexual rivals: You can be considered one of the most beautiful woman in the world (literally - I would use Elizabeth Hurley as the most obvious example but there are many) and, you still have to trust a man not to betray your expectation of fidelity - with no guarantees. When you see you've misplaced your trust, you can feel humiliated as well as hurt for the betrayal itself. Age might accentuate some humiliation but so do many other things like other people knowing, your own naivete, etc. And, I think it might hurt more but emotional pain can be so difficult to measure (is it a sharp or a dull pain...)

And, the level of craziness on discovery...there's a whole lot of craziness out there that I don't think is related to age. One of my favorites is someone I knew (young) who broke into the house of her rival and cut the crotch out of all her underwear -- before the more traditional tire puncturing and I don't know what else. I was kind of fascinated by the statement she was making although I'm not quite sure what it was.

Anyway - I would take Farrah out of the evil Stepmother syndrome...unless the Stepmother was having an affair with the woodsman or the mirror.



You're probably right about Farrah Fawcett. I wasn't sure. Like I said, the gossip column I read didn't give any back story. I interpreted it, as if it was a work of fiction. In a short story, having the actress cutting up the pictures into tiny little pieces, like shards of glass from a broken mirror, would have been hit-you-over-the-head-obvious symbolism.

That's part of the reason I refered to "the actress" and not to Fawcett.

What I was driving at in the post is that this is the way I tend to think about life. It's not a bad way to think. It leads to truthful observations. But it isn't a good way to write about politics...or real live actresses either.

The point I couldn't quite bring myself to make, because I know I won't follow through, is that I should stick to writing fiction and leave the politics to bloggers like Ezra, Scott, and Lindsay.


Please don't stop writing about politics unless there are no longer any people involved in politics....

And feel free to point out any hit-you-over-the-head-obvious symbolism because I missed that mirror/photo take completely. It makes it kind of beautiful. My immediate take on it was much more: He was a photographer? You KNOW she went after his cameras next...

I prefer to hear your take which makes me feel I'm leaning more toward Flaubert when left to myself I seem to be heading more toward "Cops."

Elayne Riggs

"When you can't win on the merits or the facts, attack your opponent's character. The Right has been doing this nationally at least since 1980."

Oh, my bad! I thought you were talking about the liberal blogosphere doing it by piling on to once again make fun of the wingnuts instead of engaging in any productive self-examination about the Clinton/liberal-blogger gathering being all white...

Mad Kane

Very interesting post, Lance, but I too kept waiting for that list of types.

I always enjoy the unique voice you bring to these discussions!

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