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Piffle. You didn't see last night's Dodgers-Padres game, didja?

Self-righteous Wet Blanket

Um. Excuse me, but, aren't there more important things to be blogging about? ... I'm looking at you, Mannion, and you, Watson (once removed) ... and commenting on? ... I'm looking at you, Linkmeister.

That bobblehead's kind of scary. Reminds me of Chuckie.

Tom W.

I recognize that tone, Blue Girl - can we muster a "Go Tribe!" at this late date?

Self-righteous Wet Blanket

Do I have to remind you of all my hard work helping to get Chief Wahoo banned while you were probably just sitting in some stadium somewhere drinking beer and eating peanuts?

Tom W.

Chief Wahoo - crafty lefthander, right? Showed some promise in the Twins series back in June - why'd you guys trade him?

Self-righteous Wet Blanket

And don't call me Blue Girl when we're talking Tribe baseball. (They stink and I don't want to be associated with them.) Please use my Indian name, which is Self-Righteous Wet Blanket.

No joke! I'm like, 1/16-ish Cherokee Indian!

Fun's over. It's late and I still have all my GreenPeace work to do tonight.


Yep, that vintage Mr. Met has something to smile about for the first time in 18 years! What impresses me most is that you were able to find that bobblehead!


Tom, the 10 year old says thanks, but he wants it on the record that he is a Cardinals fan.

Rosy, I've had Mr Mr since 1969. I got him at my very first Mets game. They played the Cubs. Lost. But it was the third game of a three game series in which they won the first two. One of them was Seaver's near perfect game. It was the beginning of the Cubs' fold and the Mets' run to the World Series.

It's been 18 years since a division title, but Mr Met hasn't been frowning the whole time. 99 and 00 were pretty good years for the Mets, even if they were only the wild card.

By the way, he's not just a bobblehead. He's also a bank, so he does work, he's not all play. And the money I used to save in him always went to buy school supplies and into the church poor box and only sometimes baseball cards and comic books. Does that meet with your approval, Self-Righteous Wet Blanket?

Self-righteous Wet Blanket

At the risk of sounding provocative and ironic, you didn't always buy school supplies and give to the poor with your savings since you sometimes bought baseball cards and comic books.

Still have any '69 baseball cards that are in as good condition as Chuckie? Might be worth something.

If you do, you could probably get some good money for them. I bet there a a few charities that could use it.


It's a funny thing about valuable baseball cards. Of course, we know that Lance would sell them and donate the proceeds to a charity to help eliminate world hunger.

But, not everyone is like Lance. Whew! In our house, we have boxes upon boxes of baseball cards, many of which are extremely valuable. But what do you do with those cards? You don't display them because exposure to the elements decreases their value. So, you keep them in a sealed box, never look at them, but smile with the satisfaction that you're sitting on a goldmine. You'll probably never sell them. They'll be passed down from generation to generation until somebody, who couldn't care less about baseball, finally ditches them.


Are you sure Mr. Met isn't really one of the evil trolls guarding your memory vault? He kind of looks like it!


You know, the last time the Dodgers hit 7 home runs in one game, the starter for the opposing team was Tom Seaver.

'Course, it was 1979, after the idiotic Mets traded him to the Reds.


As a New Yorker and diehard Mets fan, hearing anyone refer to our beloved Mr. Met as Chuckie (ouch!) or an evil troll (gasp!) truly pierces my blue and orange heart.

Okay, so his head may be a bit round and a tad on the large side, but he's still our Mr. Met and we love him.

By the way, Mr. Met has definitely become more handsome with age. If you Google Mr. Met, you'll see the improvement. :)

blue girl

Rosy, I'm sorry that my Chuckie (Should actually be Chucky) comment pierced your blue and orange heart. That's why I'll only say one more thing...

You can't deny the uncanny resemblance!

Hope that worked. I'm *new* to linking.

See the similarities? The stitching in the head area? Both have it. The crazy look out of the eyes? Both have it! The cute grin? Both have it!

The hot blonde? Ahhh! They both have it! I know Mr. Met lives with a hot blonde.

See? They're totally alike.



BG- Come to think of it... I don't think I've ever seen Chucky and Mr. Met together at the same place kind of like Michael and Latoya Jackson...

Wouldn't it be creepy if when Lance went to bed tonight he woke up because someone was knocking on his door and when he opened it... who was standing there, but Mr. Chucky Met!


Rosy- I will say that Mr. Met is a little better than the our White Sox's "Southpaw"... Southpaw kind of looks like a muppet after nuclear contamination.

Tom W.

Who's this Chuckie? Early Met Chuck Hiller? Scatter-armed former Yankee Chuck Knoblauch? Brooklyn Dodger-turned-Rifleman Chuck Connors?

blue girl

Poor Linkmeister and Tom W. are actually trying to talk about baseball here.

Well, the only thing I can add (besides my undying love for Omar Vizquel) is...

I remember when someone said Chuck Knoblauch had the yips. When he couldn't bat or throw or something. Or catch.


I always liked that phrase...the yips.

Ok. That's me talking baseball. Should've known me back in the 90s when the Indians were good. We would've had a lot to talk about then. Good times. Good times.

Tom W: Chuckey is who's going to come alive one night and torture Mannion while he sleeps! Look at him up there!


BG- I'll budge an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit. Mr. Met and Chucky MIGHT, and I repeat MIGHT, be VERY, VERY, VERY distant cousins, based solely upon the stitching they both have in their heads. But it's obvious that Mr. Met is blessed with all the good family genes and of course his sunny personality.

Jennifer- I do agree with you about Southpaw. He's desperately in need of a good hair stylist. I do, however, notice a strong resemblance between Southpaw and the Phillie Phanatic. In that instance, I think the Phanatic got the good family genes.

And Lance, good for you for holding on to your Mr. Met for all these years. He's definitely a collector's item. Check him out on Ebay...he's going for over $100.00.

He's looking a lot cuter now, huh girls? :)


Ok, I give up. Y'all are aware that the Brewers are adding a new sausage to the racing team next year, right? In addition to the hot dog, the bratwurst, and whatever those other things are, there's gonna be a (gasp!) chorizo!

Damned immigrants. I can't wait for the backlash in Wisconsin.

The Heretik

Ed Kranepool says hello.

Exiled in New Jersey

How lucky we are. For the next four weeks or so we will be drowned in New York media hype/tripe. On the other hand, it might push Terrell Owens off the sports pages.

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