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blue girl

You think I can't be dangerous?  Is that it?  You think I'm just an old slipper?  Well?  Am I a good boy?  Would a good boy do this?  (He picks up a pair of scissors and begins running around the bar.)  I am running with scissors!

That is one of my absolute favorite scenes from any show ever -- including Seinfeld. Shocked?

I am running with scissors!

LOL! I love it.

Great post, Lance.


How about the Republican vs. the Democrat... just kidding! I believe you already took that one on. :-)


Loved, loved, loved this post! It not only brought back great Cheers memories, but I'm having just as much fun categorizing the people in my real life.


Have we had "The Big Talker" yet? I was just speaking with someone who reminded me of that. I know someone mentioned "The Dreamer", but I don't think they are quite the same.


One example I always remember from Frasier and Lilith is when Lilith thinks Rebecca is after Frasier. She says that Frasier is a good lover, but that his ego needs to be appeased after each session, which she accomplishes with a "Thank you, Conan."

Great posts.

Matt T.

The Schoolmarm always had a powerful hold on me, as well. There's just something about control that's sexy in a way I can't describe but is totally different from the Obvious Flirts or the One Of The Boys. My most fondly remembered ex - and the girl I came closest to marrying - was definately the Schoolmarm, very straight-laced and demurely dressed in public (law clerk), and definately didn't care for the crowd of drunken musicians and dope-smoking writers I ran with. But get her away from the crowd and, man alive...

The late, great Johnny Paycheck summed the Schoolmarm up best in his "Friend, Lover, Wife". Good tune and right on the money.

I'm new to your blow (via TBogg) and I'm certainly digging what I see.


The schoolmarm/control thing is making me think of a reverse possibility... the Eagle Scout/Naughty Streak... He will do the right thing and can control himself, but has fun simmering under the surface. I married one and have to say the combo was deadly.

Lance, the personality topic has stuck in my head today and it had me going back to the personality petri dish of earlier years... Gilligan's Island... not as witty or clever as Cheers or Frasier, but still, a personality brew to be dealt with, and I quote... "the lovable simpleton, the old salt bursting with sea stories about the old days, the intellectual who lacked relevance, the self-centered celebrity, the couple obsessed with money and prestige, and finally, the pragmatic, good-natured farm girl". Will you tackle these next??? As I said, the show doesn't hold a candle to Cheers or Frasier, but since I saw it in my early years, it may have had more of an impact.

Pope Buck I

Frasier's running-with-scissors attempt to be a "wild man" brings to mind his infamous roll on the floor with station manager Mercedes Ruehl, as they become intoxicated with the idea of being, respectively, a "Bad Boy" and a "Dirty Girl"! We certainly can't forget that one!

harry near indy

great post lance. your commentary on cheers is a very good example of how criticism can enlighten a work of art.

btw, it's nice to know that someone else sensed that vibe about roz doyle. i've never heard that mentioned before, or read it anywhere before.

roz definitely was a tomboy, and definitely twice as butch as niles. she was the son that martin never had, and wishes that he did.


You could tie this back to the posts on Western movies, too. Grace Kelly was definitely a Schoolmarm in "High Noon."

Ben (formerly Ruddy Gore)

Yes, Lilith's passionate side could come out in all sorts of ways. I'll never forget her almost coming to blows with Nanny Gee, Frasier's first wife.


She's not humorless, either, although her sense of humor

Have to quibble here, if only because it allows me to recount one of my favorite lines from the entire series. Lilith showed herself to have a humorless side at least once.

It's halloween, and she and Frasier are stopping for by the bar for a quick cocktail before taking a 3- or 4-year old Frederick out trick-or-treating. Lilith is holding him, in his Spiderman costume. And Frederick's scientifically-precise mommy proceeds to deliver the following, utterly straightfaced:

'We tried telling him what would really happen if you were bitten by a radioactive spider, but he just cried.'

Chris Galdieri

An accounting of Lilith's relationships with the other characters should also include her pushing Cliff to perform at an open-mic night. I liked that one. There was something endearing about the fact that she was the only person who thought Cliff's routine was funny.

Kevin Hayden

I'd stay after school to clap the erasers of Lilith anytime.


Hey, all you folks coming over from TBogg's Old Towne Tavern, welcome to the Mannion Bar and Grille. Everybody here may not know your names (yet) but we're always glad you came!

Matt T., I never actually got to date any of the schoolmarm types I was attracted to. The ones I knew were all drawn to drunken musicians and dope-smoking writers. Go figure. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you keep coming back.

Chris G, What's up with that?

Ben, another one of my favorite episdoes. Emma Thompson was a riot. Didn't Nanny G make an appearance on Frasier's show too? But played by another actress?

Jennifer, please don't get me started on Gilligan!

Pope Buck, thanks for reminding me!

Link, I watched Hour of the Gun last night. More western posts are in the works.


I always like it when Lillith and Carla square off. Two alpha bitches, from the opposite side of the tracks, one summa cum laude Ivy League PhD MD, one expelled from St Cletus's Home for Wayward Girls, who never met their match till they met each other. Right down to their Final Confrontation:

Lilith: I'm going off to search for things the old Lilith never had...
Carla: Like a body temperature?
Lilith: (Pause) That's very funny, Carla. (Second pause). Incidentally, I've endured your little insults for a number of years now, you hideous gargoyle, and if you ever open that gateway to hell you call a mouth in my direction again I'm going to snap off your extremities like dry twigs and force feed them to you at gunpoint....God that felt good!
(exit Lilith)
Carla, drawing herself up primly: Well! That was just plain rude!

The mistake they made was trying to make Lilith a regular character. What was she doing sitting in a bar drinking coffee (black, decaf) and writing in her little notebook all the time? One of the strengths of Cheers and other great comedies is the re-occuring non-regulars (Ma Clavin, John Allen Hill, Nick Tortelli and Lo-Retta, Newman, George's parents, Elaine's bosses, etc), I think.

Pope Buck I

Nanny Gee did eventually end up on "Frasier," but indeed played by a different actress - they waited years and years, which makes me think they tried and tried to get Emma Thompson back before finally giving up and going with another actress.

Good times...


First of all, the running with scissors episode was one of the funniest things ever.

Second, wow. I've never looked at Lilith so in-depth before.

Roger Caron

There were actually two other actresses who took up the role of Nanny G on Frasier: Laurie Metcalf and Dina Spybey.

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