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Tom O

As little as I like Holy Joe, using crucifixion imagery (30 pieces of silver) to attack an Orthodox Jew may not be the best way to go.

Besides, if you think about it, the best historical parallel is Benedict Arnold, isn’t it?




Damn, Tom. You are so right. I plead mental exhaustion. The Benedict Arnold parallel's a much more apt one, especially given how it appears Liebmerman's been nursing a grudge since 2003 over the way he was treated by Democrats in the primaries and the only explanation for Arnold's turning his coat appears to be that he felt unappreciated by Congress and nursed a grudge too long.

I'm taking out the reference. But I'm leaving your comment so people know that I was stupid and you saved me from myself.


yay for John Hall! So far I've given serious consideration to Judy and Ben, but really, as good as they seem, they're not John Hall. He lays out ideas - progressive ideas - for dealing with security and the economy and he has a visionary idea about energy for this area. If anyone reading this is interested, check them out at His energy idea blew me away because it offers a real world way to close Indian Point and actually dramtically improve energy security and our overall security from attack.

Lieberman is a disgrace, and as I've said on my blog, I will never forgive hillary for voting for war and for abstaining in the bankruptcy bill vote - 2 of the most venal pieces of legislation this country has ever produced - besides the energy bill.

I'm so sick of everybody in DC, they're all such scum I just want them all gone.


'Iraq was always a special case with the Bush Leaguers. Bush himself and Cheney and Rumsfeld came to power itching to settle old scores, plus, in Cheney's case, make a few million bucks for himself and his pals. The truth is these are not very smart guys. I am convinced that they were convinced that the war would be a cakewalk and that right now they'd be celebrating the third year of President Chalabi's glorious democratic tenure.'

They may be smarter than you think. The more chaos in Iraq, the more money for Cheney's buddies in war profiteering.

Uncle Merlin

Does anyone think that Senate "closet" Republicans will come out and vote for the current Democratic led motion to have Rumsfeld's resignation in hand by 2007?? I guess what I am asking is are there any sensible Republicans left in Congress or all they all party mad??
Do we see a real crack in their insane armour here?
Do middle Americans NOW see the veil of confusion created by the current administration, that covers the manipulations of our country's resources (READ: OUR resources in money,men & women of the military, foreign diplomatic good will) by the greedy boys at the top?
The Senate broadcasts this week were a welcome site to weary eyes but will it be enough to drag out Republicans with a conscience?


I'll be as happy to see Rumdum go down, but we need him there as a poster child for incompetence and greed.

Let's wait til after November before we really start gunning for them.

If the Republicans lose the legislature, payback will be undertaken in earnest.

The Heretik

No more bombs, thank you.


we must focus on whatever race we can swing.
i'm lucky enough to have rush holt as my congressman, but the senate race in nj is
an odious nonentity son with the same name as his famous daddy (no, not dubya, tom kean,jr.) is well funded and if you noticed, tom kean sr just betrayed his good
name with his endorsement of disneys road to 9/11.
i think helping bush was secondary, that kean is trying to help his son win the senate by poisoning the well. (he did the same routine in 1988, when he gave a speech
for bush sr at the republican convention, calling democrats "pastel patriots").

there is serious ugliness ahead. bob menendez is a good guy and he will need our help.


Hey Lance,

I am still waiting to have a cup of java with you in Beacon. Surely feels good to win, but now begins the hard work

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