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I, for one, would just like to hear the truth whether it came from a television docu-drama, a news broadcast or a politician. I would like to hear truth and not spin. I am tired of getting yanked for my own good. I am sick of people *selling* stuff whether it be safety, the American Dream, or themselves. I would just like to hear the truth.

Bush says he doesn't need to do much research or reading since he listens to and trusts his guts (I think the past week or two taught us that what he heard in his guts was merely gas), but the administration certainly seems to not want us to trust our own guts. My guts tell me we don't hear much truth anymore. Frankly, I'd just like to hear someone speak the truth.

Thank you, Lance, for your *truthiness*... it's what the world needs now... a little bit of love and a whole lotta truthiness.

Mike Schilling

It boggles me how ignorant someone would have to be of what's required to earn a Ph. D. and an academic position to say, as an Ohio state legistlator did:

“If the system were fair, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity would be tenure professors somewhere.”


One thing the ideologues do have right, though: they understand that story matters. The misinformation about Berger, Clinton and Albright that this movie creates will be perpetuated for a long time in political culture.

Mythology sticks.


It seems to me that my fellow Americans are, by and large, no more interested in history--however skewed--than in doing the dishes. On the rare occasions something like a Saving Private Ryan gets into the zeitgeist, there's an inspirational element present that, I'm guessing, the docuganda will be missing. That, plus the football on other channels, would seem to promise below average ratings.

Fear not, friends! Americans will sacrifice a lot, but no one, NO ONE, is going to put up with subpar production values. When I read about the braintrust behind this thing, I immediately thought of those cheesy straight-to-DVD Left Behind movies that circulate at gun shows and church socials, you know, the airplanes suspended from visible wires, the third-rate sitcom actors, boom microphones bobbing into the frame, etc. I would compare it to Ed Wood movies, but I think that's unfair to Ed and his low budgets, not that Tor Johnson wouldn't be a great Dick Cheney.


This is what happens when you sit down and think a while before you write something and this is why you are one of my favorite reads. You find a fresh vein to the heart of the matter.

But the conservatives don't have a monopoly on the disdain for hard work and dedication and I think you overstate the good old boy thing in the business world a little. Many people succeed because they have a talent for seeing money in a situation and exploiting it. Perhaps not the noblest of talents, but when combined with hard work and luck,it results in business success.

And, godammit, doesn't anyone in any other state say something more stupid on any subject whatsoever than our politicians here in Ohio? I wish our politicians would shut up--at least until we get another chance to vote 'em out. It's getting tiresome.

Kevin Wolf

This movie sounds awful but I'm tempted to track it down someday in order to see how awful. A few minutes here and there should be enough to tell me.


My husband wanted to watch it just so he would know how twisted it was. I was not thrilled with the idea, but figured I'd watch some as well. He fell asleep after about 3 minutes. I lasted for about 5 before switching the channel. It did indeed seem to be a discombobulated mess. I'd say it does indeed fall into the "Left Behind" catagory.

harry near indy

iirc, what helped change horowitz from a left-wing attacker to a right-wing attacker was promoting some black panthers who murdered someone who was going to talk to the police about their illegal activities.

other than that, lance, you've described it perfectly and fully.

oppose horowitz to whittaker chambers, who always sought a messiah. at first, it was communism; then it was christianity.


The right-wing slobberfest over this movie goes far towards offering empirical support for your point that they base their criticism of a creative work mainly upon its politics, not its artistic merits.

This movie speaks The Truth as They Know It, therefore it is objectively Good.

Anyone who disagrees with them is an unAmerican terrorist. Whoever voices that dissent is engaging in treason. The means used to dissent are below-the-belt.

It's shameless. I can't even tell anymore whether they're so unreflective that they don't know they're hypocritical, or if they brazenly engage in hypocrisy and just don't care. Or are proud of it.


*stands and claps*

The Heretik

Ye shall know the truthiness and the truthiness shall set you free. Or something.


What can I say. I haven't watched the movie because I don't have cable TV (and around here, without cable, there's no reception). I probably wouldn't have watched it anyway.

But people do watch this stuff, people like a friend of mine who just sent me (and a dozen of her other friends) an email containing some 9/11-related chain-letter, prefacing it with her own words reminding us to watch the ABC special on 9-11. It was very moving, she said, and such a worthwhile tribute.

This woman isn't a right winger. She's a nice person. If I called her from the airport at midnight, telling her I was stranded, she'd get dressed and come to get me, no questions.

She's not doctrinaire, or mean. She is, I've noticed over the years, incurious, politically shallow, gullible, and disinclined to educate herself.

It's not like I don't give her my opinion about stuff - she jokingly refers to me as her primary news source - but we rarely actually argue or debate. She'd have to care more, I guess, to marshal a counterpoint. She's willfully disenfranchised herself.

I have this fantasy that some night she's going to call me and say she's been stranded downtown, and she can't find her civil rights, so could I please drive down and bring her some?


Wow, Mr. Mannion, what a great post! As an aspiring academic on whom the difficulty of academia is just dawning, I say I couldn't agree more. Mike Schilling's quote (via billmon) from that Ohio legislator is unbelievable. One of the things that bothers me so much about defensive comparisons pundit classes make between Limbaugh/Hannity and somebody like Alterman (Ahem...Joe Klein) is that Alterman's PhD in History should buy him a good deal more respect than the shouters. And if he comes across as a little bellicose, it should also indicate that it is coming from deeper substance.

More importantly, however, I love Lance's (perhaps inadvertent) neologism. "Idealogogue" indeed. Can you use it as verb like demagogue? To differentiate the two I think Idealogogue should be all-encompassing. A demagogue may pick an issue where they appeal to emotions only. An idealogogue reflexively demagogues everything.

Someone should ask Stephen Colbert how to get a new word accepted by the linguists.


My daughter, who is actually pretty good at video editing (she's attended some artsy camps in Germany) watched a little bit with me. (It was actually shown on BBC.) She thought it was terrible, very amateurish and jerky.

She's 17, btw.

harry near indy

esposito, one good thing about english is that you can verb nouns and noun verbs.

if that sentence doesn't make sense to you, think about it.

and you don't need the linguists' permission to use it as a word. start using it yourself!

also, i'd like to change my description of attacker regarding david horowitz to attack dog.

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