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"Who owns the story?"

That is a good question. Looking back over my own life, I have borrowed from other people's stories and have added my own imagination, but there are also times when I feel the story should not be told for the masses... I have events... stories... that are a communal experience that should not be summed up by the few and yet are personal experiences that should not be summed up by many.

mac macgillicuddy

"Considering how many people are still confused about what happened that day, about who was responsible and how it happened, it's not a matter of keeping memories 'unsullied.' It's a matter of seeing that our collective memories are based on facts."

What do you mean, confused? Saddam Hussein was responsible. We all know that. Dick Cheney just reminded us of this again; and so did Non-hereditary King George in his most recent, shrill, inflatedly "pious" and self-righteous speech to veterans who have seen the likes of this enemy before (he seems to have decided on his legacy, and really might believe Madam Trusseau's is going to put his wax statue alongside Winston Churchill).

But seriously, folks...there is a notable difference between a movie-maker deciding to tell this "story" as a vignette focused on the problems of two lousy people, and a TV series about a media mogul. I'm disappointed you didn't stay the course of your original thesis, Lance.


To further muddy the waters, it seems we now are going to be subjected to a four-hour ABC Docudrama on 9/11 showing how it was all Clinton's fault and how Bush was our eventual saviour. I kid you not. Who owns the story indeed?

The tales I want to see are of the lowly secretaries high up in the second tower who were told there was nothing to worry about and to stay in their offices, and who said, "Fug that nonsense, let's get the hell out of here everyone," thereby saving many lives. It wasn't Authority that saved people's lives that day (and certainly not that poor excuse for a lying thug, Giuliani), but the people who didn't bother listening to Authority and who followed their own instincts.

Don Roszel

Your commentary on Deadwood has helped me frame what as, up til now, an inchoate discomfort with a show I've watched faithfully since its premier. At the end of it all, I felt discomfort.


You've convinced me. To trash a real person's reputation with lies, even in the service of art, is reckless and harmful. IMO, it's actually really ONLY devastating when the art is powerful, as it is in Deadwood.

mac macgillicuddy

I'm putting this link to an article at alternet, The Clash of Civilizations Doesn't Exist...Yet, here only because my original comment with regard to the "clash of civilizations" was made here. This doesn't seem as relevant a few hours later, but I still wanted to share it.


You've summarized rather nicely why I ultimately disliked Stone's WTC so much. By focusing only on the rescue of the two police officers, the film reduces the story of 9/11 considerably. I think it's likely that we will not have a definitive version of that day's events for some time, and the ABC "blame Clinton" doc is just one more example of that.


I don’t really want to see any movies about 9/11 – not about the flights, the secretaries, the firefighters, nothing! The collapse of the towers was a truly horrible moment that I watched on live TV and will probably never forget. I already know several stories about that day: my own experiences, stories of friends in NY, the news reporting, even a little on the structural reports that have since come out. I don’t think any dramatic recreation could possibly come close to eliciting the thoughts and emotions that the stories I already know have. And if it could, then I really wouldn’t want to see it!

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