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Kevin Wolf

Having grown up in Hartford/suburbs, I'm following this race with interest.

Lieberman needs to be tossed out on his ass - hopefully with such force that even he will see the futility in an independent run.

Good riddance.


Loved this clear-thought rant. I only wish we were doing to Senator Dianne Feinstein in California what the good folks on the East Coast are doing to Mr. Lieberman.

harry near indy

simply and shortly said, lance.

congratulations and props and salutations and kudos and big ups and cheers and skoal and salut and whatever words of praise you want to use and that i can't remember now --

that post deserves it. and so do you.

Chris the Cop

Lance, I was going to ask you about the Lieberman thing when I see you later this month, but you beat me to it.

Some thoughts:
1) Joseph Lieberman is fundamentally a decent man. If there is no place for him in the Democratic Party, it will never become a majority party.
2) Lieberman did two things wrong: (i) he supported/supports the Iraq War and (ii) he periodically appears on Sean Hannity's radio show. Good people can reasonably disagree over Iraq and supporting the war does not make him a 'bootlicker." However, why he would ever speak to a first-rate twit like Hannnity is beyond me. I can certainly see why that would legitimately infuriate a thinking, left-wing Democrat.
3) Iraq is one issue, a big one to be sure, but only one. There are lots of others out there where he is fully in line with the Party. esp. on social issues. The Christian Coalition recently gave Lierberman a ranking That has to indicate something.
4) Pundits are saying it'll be a disaster for the Dems if he loses--that overstates it---but it's not being only proposed to stifle dissent or control the debate or ensure a Republican majority.
5) If you're serious about ending "a continued and unrestrained Republican majority," really belieivng that Lieberman is one of the Bush "lackeys and enablers" over a single--albeit vital--issue is a sure loser. A Democrat can stick to his/her principles and still respect Lieberman.


Lance, I want to hear how you explained to Chris the Cop when you saw him later that it's not just one issue, and that Lieberman has been worse than useless on all of them, lately.

Chris the Cop

Avedon, you can have no use for Lieberman all you want, but it is simply not true that disdain for him is based on anything else but his stance on Iraq. If Lieberman was against the war, he'd be a lock.

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