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It's times like these I call upon the words of the great Lily Tomlin (or her writer, whose name I can't recall): "No matter how cynical I am, I just can't keep up."

velvet goldmine

Nance: It's Jane Wagner. I wish they weren't so circumspect about their lives; it seems like a long and fascinating collaboration. (On second thought, I'm probably just looking in the wrong places. Just because you don't show Barbara Walters the master suite doesn't mean you don't talk about your life in sympathetic circles.)

Lance: The Princess Bride? I've said it before, but women of a certain age quote that movie constantly. Little did I know those filthy pinkos were just using it to identify themselves to the sisterhood.

Exiled in New Jersey

Thank god for lists! Without them what would we have to write about, Ann Coulter aside? And if you think I am going to sit through Shining Through, and helium-voice Melanie Griffith playing a spy again, just because it is on the Liberal list, well I have this bridge I can sell you. My word, I think about 60% of both lists is sheer dreck.

And note, It's A Wonderful Life is Numero Uno, but somehow they forgot Mr. Smith Goes to Washington on either list! At least they did not list the car wreck that is Mr. & Mrs. Smith with America's favorite couple.

Final observation: they don't know what to do with Clint Eastwood, our greatest troglodyte, but an artist who employs Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman and others because they can act, not because of their convictions.

Kevin Wolf

Seeing everything through the prism of politics makes you blind.

I'm an ex-Catholic who not only disagrees with but is angry about many teachings and decisions from the Vatican. You think I wouldn't take a gander at the Sistine Chapel if given the chance?


Kevin, I've known some pretty mentally agile Leftys who could have reasoned their way to a politically correct appreciation of the Sistine Chapel. They'd just have started with the fact that Michelangelo was gay, see the ceiling as a subsersively homoerotic fantasy that he managed to slip past the Pope, and go from there.


What I thought was really hilarious is that since their entire criteria is the politics and contributions of the director and actors and they totally ignored content their list of "Conservative Movies" actually has quite a few with fairly liberal viewpoints.


I'm liberal and I love "Taming of the Shrew."

There. That's probably the simplest declarative sentence I'll write for the next month.

I think (lapsing into Brit-speak) Kate is just having Petruchio on with her "submission" at the close of the play.


Lance, I found this site while I was looking for the Newsmeat website I mentioned in a comment to another entry. Their ratings system illustrates just how silly it is to evaluate the politics of a film by the political contributions of its cast members (or any other narrow criteria). Calling "Ferris Bueller" one of the ten most conservative ilms of all time is as absurd as it gets.

At least most of us lefties look at, you know, content and stuff, not just whether Ben Stein or Arnold Schwarzenegger happened to be in the movie. BTW, do these movies become more or less conservative retroactively depending on which cast members make political donations where? What happens if Matthew Broderick or Alan Ruck suddenly decide to give money to Russ Feingold or Hillary Clinton? Also, what if the conservative cast member only makes a two-minute cameo? Does that matter?

Of course, Eric already beat me to this point. Oh, and "Exiled," maybe Brad and Angelina haven't donated enough cash for thm to get the dreaded L-label.

Bob Anderson

I've seen "Get Carter" on best movies lists before, and it should be (its outstanding), but its the 1971 original staring Michael Caine. The 2000 remake with Sly is a waste of time.

Mixing politics and art is not a good idea, you just miss out on too much good stuff. Now it really disappoints me to find out that Rip Torn is a right winger, but I'll still watch replays of the Larry Sanders show any chnce I get.


Silly as the exercise would be, I would find it a lot more interesting if someone did 100 top conservative or liberal movies based on the politics of the movies themselves, not on the politics of the participants.



National Review did such a list about eight or nine years ago. I can't remember much about it (a sidebar addressed liberal movies as well)because I hate such signifiers.


Sean, I remember that list and the sidebar. It was pretty loopy, with a VERY loose definition of "conservative" that managed to include Being There, Singin' in the Rain and A Face in the Crowd. I located the again, right here, if anyone is interested. It's quite dated of course. For one thing, Our Big Enemies were still the Russians:


Ah, conservative classic "Top Gun"'s cast includes well-known liberal Tim Robbins. Which way should I jump?

Chris Clarke

Ghosts of Mississippi is Toxic Liberal Waste? Damn that Hollywood left and their unfair Klan-bashing.

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