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Rep. Rahm Emanuel had an even better line today:

"This shows what blind loyalty to George Bush and being his love child means"



Amen, amen, amen. Frankly, Lieberman is the perfect example of why there should be term limits. After a while these people, or should I just call them politicians (as if some other species), think they are ENTITLED to the power that is given to them. It makes me sick. The Senate is the worst place for this, and it is not surprising that session after session is filled with pork-barrelling do-nothings. They seem to only believe in themselves and can't see beyond their mirrors. Sorry for the rant.


Great post, Lance.

Joe Lieberman has been playing for the wrong team, scoring own goals every time he's had the ball.

I like the soccer analogy. I think that the voters of Connecticut just tried to give him a red card. But Joe has switched jerseys and is trying to make his way back onto the field. Hopefully, if the fans boo loudly enough, he will be shamed into retreating to the locker room, where he belongs.

harry near indy

succint post, lance. congrats.

i know blacks will call a black person who kow-tows to and slavishly seek approval by white folks -- at the price of his or her dignity -- an uncle tom or a house negro.

for those of you who speak and know yiddish -- is there a yiddish version of these terms which would apply to lieberman?

harry near indy

succint post, lance. congrats.

i know blacks will call a black person who kow-tows to and slavishly seek approval by white folks -- at the price of his or her dignity -- an uncle tom or a house negro.

for those of you who speak and know yiddish -- is there a yiddish version of these terms which would apply to lieberman?


First, Lieberman is not seen as "one of us" by conservatives. He is certainly considered more civil than most liberals but that isn't saying much these days. Lieberman has paid lip service on some conservative issues but not much more than that.

As for the comparisons to other "centrists" - Dems don't care about Chaffee because if he loses the primary they will pick up a seat. Similarly, Republicans don't get excited over "centrists" like Mary Landrieu when they are from red states because we think they should be voting with us anyway.

It is about the war. Bloggers may foam at the mouth over "the Compromise" but most voters don't even remember it.

Kevin Wolf

Well, I agree with Lance. The war is only a part - perhaps the largest part, but still - of many parts that make up the Lieberman record.

When you reach a point, such as this primary, where you the voter is bound to stop and take stock of that record and it apperars that Joe may as well be a Republican, well, then that's when you as a Democrat no longer vote for him.

That's all that's happened here.



You wrote that Lieberman was: “a toady to Republicans”. I don’t think that is correct. Lieberman is a “toady” the military-industrial complex that supposed sophisticated types rarely speak of anymore. Another name for it is the Iron Triangle that rules DC. That is what he is a toady to. And he was not going to give up HIS chance at the big money, if and when, he left congress. He wanted what Cheney had.



I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I never thought of that. It's usually about money, isn't it? Joe might have bit his lip there in the debate because he couldn't think of a way to go after Cheney without implying that taking money from the M-I-C was wrong. He might have been imagining some lobbyist pal saying, "Gee, Joe, we didn't know you felt that way. Guess we'd better tear up the check."

But whatever he was thinking about then, though, he's done an awful lot of toadying since.

Nola, Lieberman pays lip service to everything on both sides of the aisle. He tries to vote both ways when he can too. As far as civility goes, I know that people on the Right think that the definition of civility is that people on the Left should shut up and take it when the Right call them traitors and moonbats and collaborators and with Al Qaeda and all that, but even by those standards, the proper description for Joe's behavior isn't civility, it's fawning. And I wouldn't think any real conservatives would want him either, but you have to take that up with Bill Kristol.

velvet goldmine

I'm from Connecticut, so my Joe-stuggles reach back to my first election as an eligible voter, when Lieberman's Senate race was against Lowell Weiker, a [then] Republican I admire greatly. That was an incredibly interesting contest, but a long story best googled than recounted here if you didn't follow it at the time.

I don't agree that Lieberman's weakness is either the tendency to be a lap dog to anyone in power nor that he worships at Mammon's alter.

Instead, I think his faith genuinely compels him to defend Israel at all costs, to speak out against infidelity committed by the person who should be the nation's moral compass, and to try to control the level of sex and violence young people are exposed to.

As it happens, I don't think pursuing any of those things in the way that he has is a good thing for the country, but as far as it goes, reasonable people may disagree and so forth. What I DO despise him for is his desperate attempt to have it both ways -- to align himself with a solid Democratic core whole being less than honest about the ways in which his votes and his speeches would depart from the party's belief system.

mac macgillicuddy

This may be water under the bridge, but I still think it's worth citing that HAD it come to the Ct's governor's appointing a successor for Lieberman, the governor doing the appointing was one who ultimately went to JAIL. And even better, the probable successor at the time was a crony from that corrupt governor's corrupt hometown who, himself, is currently serving a sentence (the former governor is now out of jail and "born again") for child molestation.

Good one, Joe!


Why is it that our political memories are so short now? I remembered some of what you brought up but...can I put this down to another failing of the media - in not bringing all pertinent facts forward when relevant but just joining in the general shouting or --- do I have to admit I have a really sucky memory? Great take, thank you.

Martin Wisse

So what was Gore thinking back in 2000 getting Lieberman of all people as his running mate?

Does anybody know?

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