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I loved "The Hospital", as I did "The Loved One" and "Dr. Strangelove"..(too much love?) ..the dark comedy is a genre seldom seen and seldom done well. They do, however, require misogyny, or misanthropy, or death, or Sterling Hayden or George C. Scott.

A lost art.

David Glynn

Network's scene with Ned Beatty as the voice of capital reason is still fantastic.

Notice also, you have decades, with the 70's, 80's, 90's (Sex and the City, always actually a 90's show to me), and now 2006 with the Meryl the Devil.

If Working Girl is dated by time as well as it's conventionality, Network is also dated by time as well as it's radicalization.

And Wiliam Holden's "I love my wife" speech seems to be more than a man afraid of the prospect of doing his own laundry. His character actually seems to be a manifestation of a lot of what had made America, and his refusal to go along leaves him cast aside, but still knowing what is right and wrong.

I think the focus on Holden's character seems to offset the charge of anti-Americanism. An "America's stated values vs. actions" kind of thing.

Or, maybe, I just have an affection for the scene where the contract negotiations for the Black radical show breaks down over residuals, and the radicals are brought into playing the same game they ostensibly were fighting against. There is temptation winning on screen.


I haven't seen Working Girl in years, probably since it first came out on cable, but if I remember, Sigourney Weaver's character was both old money and new, bred with privilege and given an aggravated sense of entitlement in the greedy, graspy yuppified MBA'd late eighties. The reminds me of someone else, also a narcissist, also old money and new, also greedy and grasping and entitled, but not female....

Cryptic Ned

Interesting to hear this about Network, a movie that I've always been afraid to see because I hated The Hospital so much. It seemed like it was two and half hours of George C. Scott, obviously expressing the views of the screenwriter, marching around saying "You people are so pathetic! How can you live with yourselves? You have no shame! People like you are making the world a slightly worse place for good people like me. A world that allows you to be happy is not a world I want to live in."


"You! Have! Meddled!"

David, you're right. Beatty was terrific.

Actually, Network is filled with great moments, like the scenes you describe, and it has an amazing cast. I don't like Chayefsky's bullshit, but he knew how to write for actors. And Sidney Lumet knows how to direct them. That's one of William Holden's best roles. I'd like to see a triple feature of Sunset Boulevard, Network, and SOB sometime.

Mudge, George C. Scott was a treasure. Sterling Hayden, too, who was in Working Girl, by the way.

Ned, I haven't seen The Hospital in a thousand years, but you've described it exactly as I remember it.

Jim, whoever could you be talking about and are you sure you're not misunderestimating him?

tom truthful

This may be off-topic, but I've tried watching - now that it appears to be on several nights a week this summer - the new Sisters' favorite fare: "Grey's Anatomy". It's a long way from "Sex...", so far, but it shares crisp writing and strong interplay between the young residents. The black female doctor who leads them on rounds and in surgery is just priceless. Mike Lupica (writing on Sports in the "NY Daily News") was outraged that the actor who plays "House" wasn't nominated for an Emmy. I hope this actress wasn't similarly shafted.
To my eye, the best moments in "Sex..." are when the four friends are having a sitdown. In a recent episode (recent for my viewing habits) Sam blurted out that her boyfriend's spunk tasted funky. Without a word Miss Charlotte threw down her napkin and walked out. Hilarious.
The back and forth between the four friends is as good as TV gets. Little is decided, though much is established. Besides which folks residing in Mudville just have to be drooling over the brunches and desserts the ladies have. I know I am.

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