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the blonde

Happy birthday, Matthew!

It's hard to believe what a great kid you've become.

Pop & Nan

Happy Birthday, Matt! Thirteen is an important milestone. Have a great day.
Nan & Pop

Shakespeare's Sister

Happy Birthday, Matt!

From a fellow five-foot-three (or so), Star Wars-, Lord of the Rings-, comics-, and soccer-lover. :-)

Violet Mannion

Happy 13th!! 13 is awesome, cuz then u get to be a teenager officially. It is exciting. 14 is fun, as well.


Happy Birthday, Matt!

13! Wow,that's a biggie. I hope your year is filled with nothing, but good!

blue girl

Happy Birthday, Matt!

I agree with everyone here -- 13 is a great age to be.

And yes....your parents are only going to get weirder.

I've got a 14 year old -- and at least that's what he says.

Let me know if it's true.


Mr. Shakes

Happy Birthday Matt!! Have a most excellent day!!

Uncle Merlin

Happy Thirteenth Birthday Matt! From you Uncle Merlin and The Gnawty Dog who is snoring right now!

You're 13 and he is 13!

Teenagers everywhere these days!

See you all in elbow next week.



Matt, you're officially a teenager! Happy Birthday and congratulations!

You have lots of fun times to look forward to. Mom and Dad have some interesting times ahead of them too!

Hope your birthday was a special one.


Happy Birthday, Matt! I hope you had a great day.


Aww! Enjoy those teenage years while they last, both of you.


Happy birthday to Matt. I also hope he had a marvelous day.

Kevin Wolf

Belated happy birthday wishes, Matt. Enjoy your year.

steve duncan

I have vivid memories of my son's 13th birthday. That seems just a few days ago. In two weeks he starts doctoral studies at Syracuse. Somewhere in between the two events I blinked and nearly 10 years raced by. I'd say enjoy them now but it doesn't work that way. You attend to your daily existence; your work, wife, cars, house, yard, hobbies and finances and while you're doing all that they leave and start their own life. Blink, blink..........

Kate Marie

Belated happy birthday wishes to Matt!

Does Matt have any advice on how to get at least one of my two daughters to love The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings? They are seven and four, but I want to start the campaign early.


Happy Birthday Matt. Glad to see he is reading Tintin. No one at work knew what Tintin when a french movie popped up in our database and I thought Tintin was not read that much here.

I spent the day reading Blink and Freakonomics, while recovering from the fever I have gotten here in my hometown in India :-)


Late here, Matt, with the congratulations - Happy Birthday, and my apologies; this last year rushed up and took me by surprise.

At 13 I think I was on only my 3rd reading of LOTR, but they didn't have paperback copies then, so I had to get it from the library each time. It got better with time, and softened me up for all manner of other books. You'll want to check out Malory, or the Mabinogion, or the Song of Roland - your Dad knows all of these and will give you pointers - and they all point to a kind of universal story. Check out Mahabharata - very exciting and - well, it's LONG, but you can handle it, and it will kindle your imagination.
And 13 is the perfect age for kindling, Matt - it can all take fire. There is very little (except carelessness) that you need to give up now - all your interests you can keep, but they need feeding, and in feeding them you will grow yourself, in every way. Good speed, buddy!
Best -


Matt, I've been out of town, so this birthday message is late. I hope you had a rockin' birthday with lots of cake (I find cake to be very important). I love that your birthday is around the 4th, because you will always be able to have a huge bbq and party (which you should, I find these things to be very important as well). I hope you have an excellent year!


where was that picture taken

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