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Kevin Wolf

Sadly, I agree. The Bush administration has shown it will do whatever it wants whenever it wants, regardless.


The truth of the uniqueness of Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Robert Hanssen, and Aldrich Ames resides in the universal system that contains them.

The spectacle is the guardian of our sleep.


Well, of course, presidential administrations that incline to an autocratic view aren't exactly a new thing...

(Note to self: stop watching Deadwood directly before commenting on weblogs. It does funny things to your diction.)

It seems like it'd be appropriate to mention what's maybe a well-known quotation on the subject -- what Andrew Jackson supposedly said when Chief Justice Marshall wrote an opinion stating that the annexation of the Cherokee Nation was illegal, them being an ally of the United States with whom we'd signed a legal and binding treaty:

"John Marshall has made his ruling. Now let us see him enforce it."

Simple as that. A big ol' screw you to the seperation of powers. And, of course, that's the same kind of evil-minded attitude in play right now.

I swear, you can practically hear Jefferson throwing things at the walls of Nonsectarian Deist Heaven.



Ah, yes! Good old King Andrew.


Recent developments indicate everyone's glee might be premature as several memebers of Congress including Barney Frank and Charles Schumer have said they will back legislation to provide the Executive branch with the tools needed to prosecute the detainees at GitMo.

If memory serves, the Supreme Court explicitly suggested Congress provide the President with the legal means to prosecute the detainees.

Also, to date, I don't believe that any tribunals have been held, so Bush's "contempt" for the law and Constitution is at best theoretical.

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