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harry near indy

i'm like you, lance. i enjoy the second half of cheers' run after kirstie alley replaced shelley long. diane chambers was too prissy for my tastes, but as for rebecca howe, when you have a beautiful woman (and alley is beautiful, while long is just pretty) who does slapstick .... ah, paradise.

Kevin Wolf

I love these ideas you get, Lance. Diane as blogger - perfect.

I had the pleasure in my brief career in film school seeing the first few episodes of Cheers ahead of their broadcast, introduced personally by James Burrows.

I'm so glad they didn't go with their original idea hiring Bill Cosby.


Ha! Hope you had a good father's day!

Mike Schilling

My favorite Cheers scene was quite early, perhaps even the first year. It's the one where the Coach's daughter, played by the very homely Allyce Beasley (Ms. Dipesto from Moonlighting), dumps her ultra-obnoxious fiancee. Afterwards, Coach tries to comfort her, saying that a beautiful girl like her will easily find someone else: She responds that he's always told her she's beautiful, but he needs to look at her, not as his daughter, but as a woman. He does, and chokes up, saying that he's amazed; he'd never realized how much she looks like her late mother. She agrees. "Yes, I look exactly like her, and Mama wasn't ...".

And she can't say it.

Instead, she finishes "... comfortable with her beauty."


Hope you got the pool up and I hope that you enjoying the episodes of Cheers.

David Parsons

«played by the very homely Allyce Beasley»

Goodness, how people's tastes vary. I find Ms. Beasley to be a very handsome woman, even though she was typecast as an ugly woman (the hairdos! The clothes! Oy, the curse of not having a tiny nose in Hollywood.)

Dave Rovinson

What I thought Shelley Long could do exceptionally well was what I call intelligent comedy and physical comedy. For instance she could take really good lines and make them even better. EG when Sam makes one of his moronic comments Diane comments "Do you know what bothers me. Their are women who believe this and they are allowed to vote and drive cars" and when Sam says about her going into a dimly lit room with him etc and Diane says "Much like your mind" good lines in themaselves but even better when Shelley Long said them and there are many examples where she did this. Physical comedy well you only have to look when Sam slaps her and she slaps him back until he gives in and the nose pincer movement that ends up on the floor and she says "We,ve sunk as low as we can go". In snow job when Sam has given her all his lame excuses Diane strides down the bar with her eyes literally blazing and says "You slime" and then gives it to him. On Good advice you should see her when she tries to strangle her cheating husband Joey. With eyes absolutely blazing she gets him by the neck and seeks to strangle him. No Shelley first class comic when it came to delivering her lines but a clever one and physical comedy brilliant when given the opportunity. I wish she would tell us how she is keeping and does anyone know anything about getting her film Trust Me.

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