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Kevin Wolf

When you're right, you're right and as usual, Lance, you're right.

I can't claim to have been ahead of the curve on this but by the time the election campaign started for 2000 I knew just who we were dealing with.

Anthony Zerbe. He was in a lot of fun stuff.


Nice post Prof. Furthermore. Will you dig into your big bag of stories and tell us what's next? Will the country fall off of the cliff or will we be saved just in time? Is there a Dudley Doright to save us from Snidely Whiplash?


If I remember my Pratchett, I believe we need a Sam Vimes and a Corporal Carrot, not Dudley Doright.


Mixing cartoons further(more), I'd say we need Rocky and Bullwinkle to save us from Boris and Natasha, except that B&N weren't as capable of malevolence as Cheney/Bush.


Lance, you got me beat. I always said I hated W when W-hating wasn't cool, back when he beat Ann Richards for the Texas governorship. But when he was the VP's son? I bow to your superior discernment.

But hey, don't you think you're being hard on Alice? She doesn't deserve a W comparison! Her behavior was often terrible, yes, but she was no mere brat--rather, a rebel who stayed that way until old age, and had a rare wit. This was, after all, the woman who told Joseph McCarthy, "The truckman, the trashman and the policeman on the block may call me Alice but you may not."


The story had three primary authors. Maureen Dowd, David Maraniss, and Joe Klein. And the story was this: Bill Clinton was a disgrace of a man who should never have been President.

Some people find it hard to forgive him for actually bringing himself up by his bootstraps, don't they? For all the mythmaking that the Rethugs especially like to tout about how anybody can make it in America if they just work hard enough, they can't stand it when a peon shows up all the scions born on third who think they hit a triple.


tigtog, you're right, but what I've never understood is the supposedly Liberals' snobbery. They turned up their noses at Carter too.

C, Alice was a great character all right, but I don't think it's taking too much away from her to note that she was a bit of a Princess. After all she did do a war dance when she heard that McKinley had been shot and her dad would be President.

pfc, yep, we need Corporal Carrot, but there's a whole post someday about how we know that Carrot is the true king because he has absolutely no desire to be king and doesn't see the need for kings. So we told him we needed him he would insist we don't.

But there are some Vimes-es at work---all those prosecutors going after the corrupt Congress critters.


I would be terribley curious to know what you are reading right now, either Lance or the "real you." While I am going through all the discworld novels in something not entirely unlike the proper order, well, it is unlike the proper order, entirely unlike it, I am also reading "Surprised by Joy" by C.S. Lewis, "Secrets in the Dark" by Frederick Buechner and "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. I have noticed that you talk about a lot of books that I have read - makes me curious. . .

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