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Kevin Wolf

A fine list, indeed.

Nice to see prose, stand up, and cartoons all cited.

I'd add James Thurber, though.


Lewis Black


Bill Hicks.

Shakespeare's Sister

Margaret Cho.


Hey, our Wodehouse had more to say on politics than every last member of that list combined.

And I mean that entirely seriously.


Michael McLawhorn


I just wanted to grouse somewhere lower traffic about how irked I am about having my not-really-that-offensive posts deleted in John A's current hissy fit over at

I don't know why, but having what I said wiped away (although, amusingly, his response to my first post did not get deleted) gives me a little twinge of sadness. I've backed up my most recent post locally, although I'm damned if I know what to do with it other than sit and protect it like a little ego-egg.


Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Michael McLawhorn

On topic:

Thomas Paine


Um, did I miss something? What was the question?

blue girl

Dennis Miller

blue girl


I figured it was appropriate to make a joke in this comment thread!



Mike Luckovich.

And the question is, Alex, "What humorists has the Left ever produced?"

mac macgillicuddy

BG and Nance,

I was going to say, "Here! Here! Here! Here!...Here here!"

You know, like it was a roll call? And people answer...ah, forget it.

Sam Clemens


Poor Richard




Edith Ann

My name is Edith Ann and I'm five years old and I'm here.

And that's the truththththhth.

Rufus T. Firefly

It's a four letter word, something you are around the house every day.

Lenny Bruce

Fuck you, man!


Thomas Nast.


Joseph Heller.

Michael McLawhorn

Johnathan Swift - less funny ha ha, more ouch ouch.


Muhammad Ali.



Well put.

Oddly enough, I had done a post about the lack of conservative humor, (and the related lack of humor in conservatives) Last week:

Before Colbert gave a frickin seminar on the subject.

I'd add Will Durst.


Aaron Sorkin.

The Smothers Brothers.

Tom Lehrer.

Dr. Seuss.


bill maher's talk show never did much for me, but his stand-up is sick,funny, honest
and completely restorative- so i'll add him
to the list.

Holden Lewis

I'll second, third and fourth Bill Fucking Hicks.

Retired Catholic

Don't forget Jonathan Swift, Ambrose Bierce, H.L. Mencken, Oscar Wilde, Frank Zappa-and Yogi Berra.

Kevin Wolf

I didn't think the list was necessarily "left" humorists. More like humorists in the true American grain - who just happen to exemplify the great American values being crassly exploited (while also ruined) by Bush, Inc.

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