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Lance- I certainly hope you fly your flag on Flag Day! We fly our flag as well because it is also our flag.

I thought it was interesting that many Americans mistook flags being flown upside down during Katrina as a Bush-bashing statement. As people were reminded, it was the symbol for distress. Maybe we should all be flying our flags upside down next to that Impeach Bush sign.

Kevin Wolf

Obviously, these people aren't Americans who have been here long enough to then celebrate their "heritage."

David Parsons

The "how did we make it" list is toothgrindingly annoying. It manages to be smarmily self-congratulatory, whiny, and completely pig-ignorant at the same time. I suppose that it shows that politics don't matter, and that everyone has the potential of being that crochety old man sitting on their porch grumbling about "kids these days."

Porlock Junior

Thank you, David Parsons, for saving me the trouble of doing a worse job of characterizing that piece. (It has been going the rounds for a while, btw; I think a friend forwarded it a year or more ago.)

I don't suppose I have to mention here that many kids did get damaged by lead paint in the good old days; but mostly they were poor and black and therefore didn't really exist.

What a good thing that none of us had ever heard of germs, so nobody ever worried about them, but I guess I should explain that this is sarcasm. Germs? Yeah, well, we didn't have viruses back in those days, so we weren't vaccinated against polio (well, until my teens), which was a good thing because it produced so many risk-taking people in iron lungs.

I won't go on, having already shown what a person can do if he's really in training for Crotchety Old Geezer.

But the lefty version of good old days is only several times more sound than the other. Anyone here remember when the Russkis shot down that U-2 (high-altitude recon plane) and Eisenhower denied there was any such thing, knowing on the basis of "sound intelligence" that they couldn't really have done it so thay couldn't call his bluff by showing the thing and its captured pilot to the press? Which they could and they had and they did, exposing our President in a flat-out lie, and the pundits had to explain the nobility of Lying For The Good Of The Country. No? Well, I do, and I didn't find it noble.

And you rarely had to KNOW what politicians' religion was, because they were Protestants. Yes, Senator Javits, there were exceptions, in places like Jew York. And the Papists got a guy into the PRESIDENCY, by the narrowest of (disputed) margins; but how many times have they managed to repeat that?

And I don't remember the time when I thought the people running the country were smarter than I. Ever read a transcript of an Eisenhower press conference? (And he wasn't really dumb by Presidential standards.) It was not till about 1970 that Ron Dellums got into Congress and said the he was amazed by the mediocrity of everybody around him; but before that I remember Bergen Evans's remark that the Congressman of even ordinary intelligence was exceptional. Hyperbole, perhaps, but significant.

Suppose you were a Congressman. And suppose you were an idiot. But I repeat myself. -- Mark Twain.

Oh, but the way the world is going now truly does suck, and I finally understand why so many old f*rts have expressed a certain satisfaction at tbe prospect of not being around as things get even worse.

Porlock Junior

Oh, and aren't you a bit out of date about the Mexican flags? The idiots complained; the commentators asked, as you have, whether anybody had noticed Irish flags around; the demonstrators grinned and loaded up with American flags for this week's demonstrations. Judging from the pix in the papers, it was a grand sight. Constructive political dialogue, that's what I call it.

Flatiron Dante

Lance -- good point re: flags. The analogy to Saint Patrick's Day is very close to what is happening now. The Irish in Ireland never made that big of a deal out of the day -- it was only when they came here and were faced with nativist hostility from English- and Orange-descended Americans that the Irish demonstrated their presence and identity by parading on that day. And the message was the same -- don't tread on me.


If it's not red and white, its not right. Up yours for disrespecting the Hells Angels.

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