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rameau's nephew

Curses! I was just composing (albeit mentally) a post to use that joke today. Damn your eyes, sir!

Whatever I think might make a good post, Mannion or Neddie is always there first.


Lancelot, ol' man:

Having spent a goodly amount of time in the Nederlands over the past 20 some years, I beg to differ. The Dutch DO have a sense of humor of a sort. But it seems to be limited to "Belgian" jokes, if you get my drift. Of course, the Belgians tell the same jokes, 'cept they're "Dutch" jokes. Gagagaga (gutteral Dutch/Flemish G)


I want to be the first to add their absolute favorite joke>

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a pub. The barman says, "what is this? Some kind of joke?"

The one about Sir Vivian Fuchs can't be done in prose.

Mike Schilling

One way to tell right-wingers: they have no idea what's funny and what's not. They also think Limbaugh is funny, and they'll defend him that way. "'Feminazi?' It's a joke, don't you get it? Geez, you liberal PC types have no sense of humor."

harry near indy


i never heard/read that version of the joke. the version i heard goes like this:

a priest, a minister, and a rabbi walk into a bar. the bartender looks up and says, "what is this -- some kind of joke?"

or you could substitute diner for bar. same diff.

it's also a post-modern joke -- that is, a joke about being a joke, with the characters knowing that they're in a joke. iirc, that's one feature of post-modernist literature.


--My doctor told me to get some at the drugstore...
--Some what?
--I dunno, sounds like a city in England.
--London? Manchester? Liverpool?
--That's it! Carter's Little Liverpools.

velvet goldmine

In a book about Saturday Night Live, Al Franken describes an awful joke he pulled on the (all female) guests at his wife's postpartem baby shower.

He walks in, apparently holding the baby, which is actually a doll, and does a spectacular prat fall, coming down with all his weight on the baby, in such a way that would assuredly have killed it. "The screams! The screams!" he said in recounting the guests' reactions.

It's horrible and it's sick, but I laugh every time I think of it. (If I remember correctly, his wife was in on it -- she strolled in just after, carrying the real baby.)

Kevin Wolf

Lance, you could not possibly be more correct about Coulter. Not only is she not funny, she thinks she's hilarious. That just makes her even less funny.

You can see the lines coming and then they thud, but she and her readers think she's witty. Ugh.

I love Steve Martin and Steven Wright; I've read SJ Perlman and my idol is James Thurber. That's wit.

Coulter is witless.

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