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blue girl

When I read that story last week I went running around the house like a madwoman raving to my husband about it.

For all the reasons you state above -- but more than that -- Michael Ware is my new boyfriend and no one -- no one! is allowed to say *anything* negative about him!

I think I may have to challenge this Hugh Hewitt to a duel!

Shakespeare's Sister

I had a similar thought the other day. Of course, since you're a grown-up, you used real world examples. I used an old Mr. Show sketch and a funny picture of Bush.



I couldn't possibly agree more with you!

I am all fired up now!

Michael Bains

To live in fear as if the possibility of another terrorist attack is the same as living under the hourly threat of one is a mark of cowardice.

Man! This post is honestly what Progressive Blogging is all about. It's well written and clearly analogous to a phenomenon which is both emminently personal and part of a larger cultural state: Fear.

I drive over easily sabotaged bridges everyday. I fly occasionally. I live in a major industrialized metropolitan area, the kind deemed - by all experts - to be a likely target of terrorism. Like Hugh Hewitt, I blog out loud about the triumphs (NASA, [insert favorite cultural iconography here] {-; ) and setbacks (all too many, lately!) of my government and my culture.

I don't fear terrorism. I sometimes do fear the steps our government has taken in order to, as they say, protect me from terrorism, though. Those cross lines established over two centuries ago in order to actually protect Everyone Equally from whomever may gain the power of the United States' government.

I'd say that's a fairly well-substantiated and rational generalization.


Fair point, isn't it ? Fear the steps the government has taken THEY CLAIM in order to protect from terrorism. If nothing is certain except death and taxes, government overreach abetted by burgeoning technology has exploded. I see no evidence that competence has been aided by shiny new toys, however : just cold war controls dusted off and expanded.
The flaw of communism was that central control is not viable. I really don't care what ideology is used to promote it, government meddling is death to liberty .
80,000 on no-fly lists, border control enhancements ( making it a pain to get in or out BTW )
This issue is a smokescreen to cover theft from the public purse, nothing more.
The biggest lie is that the nation is being defended and national security is involved. Rape is not defence. Putting the Armed Forces through the meat grinder on a fool's errand is not protection.


It wouldn't be so bad if the cowardly lions kept their fear to themselves (and their faux militance, as well), but they seem impelled to use what they think should be universal fear as a bludgeon on those who realistically don't feel fear or have it in proportion to the rest of their lives.

This use of fear is more than the mark of a cowardly lion, it is the tool of a totalitarian who has no other value than winning the verbal war against their domestic opponents. They should be called down each and every time they try to prevail using totalitarian methods.


Ol' Fraidy's arguments would be textbook examples for teaching logical fallacies in the classroom. Too bad that the Horowitz Crowd would shout it down.

Are they not teaching logical fallacies in the schools? Because we sure could use it now!


The same whimps in high school that were running scared then are now GOP and still running scared. Their all yellow cowards that start wars but stay as far away as they can from them.


As Aristotle said, "those who are frightened fart." (Really. Problems, Book XXVII.9, 948b26). Gives a new twist to the expression, "hot air." If interested, see my riff on this. Link is on the sidebar chez moi: "Political Fear."

Phoenician in a time of Romans

Although you are on the front line, this was the front line four and a half years ago.

Wow - 3000 deaths in four and a half years, ignoring those placid times beforehand.

Let's see - tobacco kills 440,000 people per annum in the US. At a rough guess, it would have killed about 53,000 people in New York over those 4.5 years...

Hewitt is going to wet himself over that.

Mad Kane

What a great post, Lance!

Praedor Atrebates

The only thing I fear is what the wingers are willing to do to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our country in the service of soothing their fears and opportunistic biases.

Terrorists? Bah! Water on a duck.


My office is blocks from Ground Zero where, eventually, they will construct the biggest target of all. Who knows - I might take office space there. I'm a liberal, but that doesn't stop me from being angry about what they did to my city. And Hewitt? He's nuts - there are far more attractive targets in other cities, and in Midtown. Why not challenge Hewitt to take the top office at 7 World Trade, or in the new "Freedom" Tower?

Mike Schilling

"I'm generalizing from one example, here, but everyone
generalizes from one example. At least, I do." -- Issola, by Steven Brust

The Bulldog Manifesto

I love the name of your blog. I might be one of the very few people who know what the name means. "Lance Mannion"

Are you taller because of "traction"? LOL

Damn, why do I remember that?

By the way, did you know that there is a boxer named Lance Mannion too?

Anyway, later Mayday.


Actually, Lance what you're talking about is a misuse of the term "straw man." While hardcore logicians might quibble, in my view, it should be used in reference only to statements/claims directed at oneself, and should be (in an ideal world) only used when you want a nicer way of saying "I didn't even imply that, you idiot!"

Used correctly , it is a way of forcing someone on point.

Anytime sometime cries "straw man" to a general claim that wasn't even directed at them, they are simply misusing the language.

Sorry if I'm being a little pedantic.

Card-carrying bleeding-heart liberal

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