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velvet goldmine

It occurs to me -- maybe because I happened to reference one of the films in an earlier comment -- that two movies have done a serviceable job throwing my picks for sexiest stars together. Quite handy.

They are: Love, Actually and Ocean's, 12. (That's the one with Julia Roberts AND Catherine Zeta-Jones, right?)

The former is heavier on my male faves, the latter my female picks -- but really, on either side of the gender devide, and on either side of the pond, both casts are extra-heavy on S.A., as far as I'm concerned.

blue girl


Remember the Vanity Fair cover (like you'd forget it...heh) -- Her legs looked stubby in that nude photo -- and they're a little stubbyish here also. So -- I wouldn't say she has nice gams. I bet she's got to be careful when gaining weight...I bet the weight goes right to her stubby legs, making them stubby chubby.

(((don't be too mean in response)))


This post explains alot.

velvet goldmine

BG -- Some ladies' mag I was looking through had a salute to Scarlett for a quote of her saying she'd never be a stick, and didn't want to be a stick.

But they paired it with a from-the-rear shot of her in blue jeans that made her booty look as if rivaled J. Lo's....which itself (the booty) has its own defenders and detractors.

So -- for what it's worth -- yeah, Scarlett probably has to be careful on the stubby/junk-in-trunk front.


Must they be living? My nominations for cinematic swoonworthiness are:

Lena Olin
Janeane Garofalo
Thora Birch
Ornella Muti
Audrey Tautou

If we're talking all-time, it's a different matter. And then there are a heap of 'em from the silent era that were so radiant they almost need their own category.

Scarlett's okay, but I didn't pay much attention to her in Ghost World cuz I couldn't keep my eyes off Thora.

blue girl

Okay, here's my list. I would dump a couple of these guys in a heartbeat if I were allowed to have say, Paul Newman or Robert Redford on the list -- but I consider that a different list from a different time and I focused this list below on current cuties.

Peter Sarsgaard -- So talented, so sexy

Jake Gyllenhaal - Obviously if you've got two a's in your name, you're high on my list. He's got *such* a beautiful face. His eyes are like limpid pools...

Owen Wilson - Too cute

Eric Bana -- Yowza

Ed Burns - Yowza squared


All of my Top 10 are brunettes....


Scarlett's a curve-ride ala Marilyn Monroe. I am guessing if she added a few more lbs she might veer into Betty Boop/Petunia Pig territory, but would probably still look fabulous. There was a day when the curve-ride was preferable to the bone-ride... the more tush to cushion... well, you know the rest.

Kate Marie

Ditto Blue Girl's comment about being willing to dump some of these if I could include different stars from a different era (Cary Grant, anyone?).

Here are my top five:

Russell Crowe
Colin Firth
Mel Gibson
Ewan MacGregor
Chow Yun Fat

P.S. Crayola Theif, Ghost World is a great movie, isn't it?


BG- I'd have to go with Luke over Owen. I'll see you on Eric Bana. Jake's eyes look too much like my brother's, my father's and my grandfather's... I cannot even think of him in that way! Personally, I love John Cusack.

Who would you pick if you had to pick between Redford or Newman? I'd have to go with the tipsy Redford in semi-Naval attire in The Way We Were.


Wasn't Halle Berry's most recent husband caught in a threesome that didn't include Halle Berry? What a schmuck!

Kate Marie

Jennifer, I have to say Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

blue girl

Boy, I don't know. Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke -- one of my favorite movies ever. Or Robert Redford in The Way We Were.

Ah heck, I can't decide. I'll take them both in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.


Ah yes... Colin Firth. He's not in-your-face attractive, but he's got that smolder-factor. I believe BG has mentioned his SF before as well.

If we're mentioning stars of yesteryear I'd have to say I loved Rod Taylor as a girl (meaning when I was a girl, not Rod...) And I'll take Jimmy Stewart any day.


"I'll take them both in Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid."

Why you little tart!


give me a hint- who is rod taylor?
sexiest-susan sarandon. the most beautiful
actress since bette davis.

Kate Marie

I remember Rod Taylor from a Doris Day movie that I can't remember the name of. He had a great chin.


Rod Taylor was in The Time Machine, The Birds and The Glass Bottom Boat to name a few.

blue girl

I would definitely take them both! (or let both of them take me...hee-hee-hee) I freely admit it! Let all those who click their way through the Internets know what a tart I truly am!


Er....what's the definition of sexy?

Think about this following list:

Kate Dollenmayer
Sylvie Testud
Renata Litvinova
Nina Hoss
Eva Green

earl bockenfeld

Must they be living? I included my first love Ava:

Charlize Theron - her latest two roles haven't been too sexy but she rules
Teri Hatcher - the only one I picked from the list
Ava Gardner - WOW
Mary Lynn Rajskub - crabby Chloe in 24, Firewall
Evangeline Lilly - Kate in Lost


The Classics:

Sophia Loren
Erroll Flynn
Paul Newman & Liz Taylor in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (which sort of destroyed the plot since it seemed impossible that two people who looked that sexy wouldn't be "doing it" no matter what problems or sexual leanings they might have)
Marilyn Monroe & James Dean in a cheating tie


Jake Gyllenhall
Susan Sarandon
Brendan Fraser
Jessica Alba
George Clooney, Colin Firth, and Ewan MacGregor in a tie


Aishwarya Rai.

Nuff said.



And I'm with ya on Halle Berry. Rowr.

Mannion's Mother

Myrna Loy. Classic dame


Living and in no particular order:

Jodie Foster
Juliette Binoche
Susan Sarandon
Janeane Garofalo
Winona Ryder
Irène Jacob
Lena Olin

(I also required they have a lengthy career. No jenny-come-lately in this list.)

harry near indy

i'm glad to see some of you pick sophia loren. for me, she's like michael jordan in basketball -- she's #1; everybody else is in the running for #2.

as for the others -- mannion's mother, thank you for mentioning myrna loy. those bedroom eyes.

and liz taylor back in the 1960s.

as for contemporaries, charlize theron and illeana douglas.


Audrey Tautou
Charisma Carpenter
Catherine Bell
Jessica Alba
Evangeline Lilly

Huh, almost everyone on my list is more famous for TV than movies.


In 1981, while killing time before a job interview at a department store in Philly, Sophia Loren came by. She had been flogging a line of perfumes. Stunning. Learning that she was (and remains) my mother's age was just a bit unsettling.
A year later, I was at a fundraiser. I saw Lauren Bacall across the room and pointed her out to the person who had given me my ticket. "Oh, I went to school with her son---Ms. Bacall!"
LB:"Hello, Jeffrey, how are you?"
J:"Well, thanks. I'd like you to meet...."
Me:"Hommona hommona hommona"
Ms. Bacall had a look on her face like: "Jeffrey, it's good to see that you still do charitable work with the retarded." I've never gotten over it.

Mike Schilling

Madeleine Stowe
Joan Chen
Michelle Pfeiffer

Provng that I'm trisexual -- I'd be denying my true identity if I confined myself to blondes, brunettes, or Asians.

PZ Myers

Dare I mention Gina Gershon? For some reason, I always watch her with my tongue hanging out.



Mention her! Mention her! And mention her again!

Then mention Bound!


Ah well, with male stars and their sexiness, there's George Clooney, loping ahead of the pack like Secretariat at the Belmont.

Way back, we have
Viggo Mortenson
Daniel Craig
Ewan McGregor
Heath Ledger

those are all contemporary, of course. Ask for an old list and you get something far different.

Scarlett is very beautiful, but as an actress she bores me to death. It was painful to see her miming come-hither-allure as a series of camel-like head-jerks in the wine-bar scene in Match Point. Maybe she'll improve with age.

Mr. Campaspe is crazy about Catherine Zeta-Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow (though not as much lately) and Maggie Cheung.

PZ Myers

Oh, no...I can't mention Bound. That movie....yow. I get all twitterpated watching it.


The things I like about Gina Gershon are the same things I like about Drea De Matteo, Portia De Rossi, Chloe Sevigny, and PJ Harvey.

They all seem to be strong-willed, confident women who deviate slightly from the fashion-magazine standard of beauty. Their independence is part of what makes them sexy.

When I was younger, I had a thing for Michelle Pfeiffer -- simply because she was stunning. In retrospect, I don't think that she was sexy at all -- because a sexy woman, in my book, needs to have shades of darkness, complexity, and intelligence . . . and a hint of fire, which Pfeiffer never had.

Anyway, I like Jennifer's formulation above: the "smolder-factor." Yes.

So, for a conventionally beautiful woman who is also sexy, I'll go with Diane Lane.


And let me just add -- since Gina Gershon provoked the thought of PJ Harvey -- that a woman holding an electric guitar or bass is, by definition, sexy. . . especially when she's wearing thigh-high boots.


Cate Blanchett. So sue me.


Ah, Bound. Is there any other movie in the history of film with a hot lesbian sex scene that isn't even the best part?


The entire cast of Oceans 11.


So you're fantasizing about some hot threeway action with Carl Reiner and Elliot Gould then?


Kate Winslet. No explaination necessary, I trust.

Anne Hathaway, the future Mrs. Varkentine.

Holly Hunter. Only when I made a list of films I thought had good parts for women did I realize how many of them involved her.

Virginia Madsen. When you die, if you've been good, you go into a never-ending shower with Virgina Madsen. That's my belief, anyway.

And a hottie to be named later.


not the gams....geeez...the heels

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