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As I mentioned at BG's yesterday... George Washington is the father of our country, but George W. Bush is the failure of our country. I have gone from depressed to angry to determined to apathetic and back to depressed again.

David W.

On the subject of deja vu all over again:

“We’re always afraid of pulling out. ‘Pull out? Doesn’t sound manly to me, Bill. Let’s leave it in there, get the job done!’ Because that’s what we’re doing to that country, after all…” -- George Carlin

blue girl

Seems as though Bush has always left it to the next guy to clean up the mess he's made. Right?

I have liberal family members who said before the last election that Bush *should* win so that he's forced to clean up his mess in Iraq.

They *misunderestimated* his capacity to ever do so.


BG- I remember thinking that, too, when I was trying to find a silver lining to Dubya hijacking the office for another 4 years... at least John Kerry wouldn't be blamed for the mess. I guess the GOP has found a way around that. George can continue to live with his delusions of spreading democracy while the next administration deals with the by-products of those delusions... hopefully the by-product won't be the end of this democracy.



Yeah, if there were a just God in the heavens, Bush would have to clean up his mess for ONCE IN HIS FREAKIN' LIFE and he wouldn't go skipping away leaving someone else holding the bag.

Still, at this stage, I kinda think he needs to, as personally unsatisfying as that is.

Lance, I hope you realize my response to your GenX comments was meant in the spirit of the original intent - good natured ribbing?


A good friend of mine who is in Iraq now was writing about these stay-the-course arguments, and I think you might like it. Here is his first answer to the various open-ended commitment contentions:

"1. Withdrawing now will embolden our enemy.

OK, maybe that’s true, but who cares? Our enemies are willing to blow themselves up to kill us. Who cares if they’re bold when they do it? Are they going to blow themselves up harder? I suppose the administration thinks the insurgents are depressed right now and are only doing a half-hearted attempt to kill U.S. troops in Iraq. I think administration might have a different feeling if they were here."

If you want to read his whole post, he is at: His other posts are good, too.

The Heretik

History teaches us we never learn the lesson of history. God bless the fools who cannot admit a mistake. Then the devil can have them.

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