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I'm a messiah. It's a lot of work, what with all those schizophrenic patients in America saying they are me. Can I sue them for impersonating me?


Glad you enjoyed "Messiah." Looking forward to the interviews.


AG, I can't help you. God has called me to be a journalist not a lawyer. But I'm sure there must be attorneys who specialize in the messiahing field. I'll bet there are far more legal complications involved in the job than there were in Jesus' day and a whole field of law's sprung up to deal with it. Consult your yellow pages or ask God for his lawyer's number.


Give a man a lawyer and he can sue for a day. Make a man a lawyer and he can sue for a lifetime!

blue girl

You know, when I began reading your post I got the Napolean Dynamite feeling about the whole thing. Which is cool! I just watched ND for the first time last week and loved it. And, thanks to HBO, which plays the same movie 9,000 times I've been able to re-watch certain parts that I just get the biggest kick out of.

Looking forward to reading your upcoming posts -- and can't wait to see the film!


Just a thought- are evangelicals, especially TV evangelicals the lawyers of God? They always seem to be defending God, stating his case as if God's case needs to be defended. I am guessing if you are capable of creating the universe, you don't really need defending.

AG- maybe you missed your calling. Maybe you were not meant to be a messiah, but were meant to be a lawyer for God. It seems obvious that God is pointing you in this direction.

BG- Napolean just gets funnier the more you watch it.


did you read that chapter in what's
the matter with kansas-about the fellow who's
declared himself the true pope? (his mother
voted for him)
fiction cannot keep pace with reality.



Don't know if it's inappropriate to comment on a review of my film, but with this new journalism-via-blog paradigm, I suppose I can post if I want to... anyway, enjoyed part one of your take on my film. Looking forward to reading the rest.

blue girl

Jennifer: "Yessssssssss."


Chris, who's to judge "appropriate?" Maybe there should be a revival of the Fairness Doctrine which would mandate column space for filmmakers to rebut their critics.

"Take that, Pauline Kael!"

Well, maybe not. Sounds like an interesting movie.

blue girl

Yeah, Chris -- may I call you Chris? Don't know if we're the ones to be asking what's appropriate and what's not appropriate. *Some people* (not mentioning any names) have a habit of lowering the level of discourse in Mannion's comment threads. Hey! Anything goes as far as *some people* are concerned over here.

Don't know how Mannion feels about it, but you are completely welcome to be one of *us.*


Thanks all -- you're right, it's Lance's place to say. I only meant that I didn't want to stifle any possible discourse by making my presence known...

As for rebutting, so far I'm thrilled to read Lance's take, since he really seems to "get it." So no rebutting yet, but I'll enter into dialogue with Lance and everyone else as the other parts are posted.


Oh, and yes, please call me Chris.

Gregory Davis

You're right - bloggers are journalists. A lot of the blogs I read are much better than the so called "news media".

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