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Wow. That's such a great post. It augments my usual line to anti-choicers, which is "Well, IF you really cared about women and children, THEN ..."

I also love how these people talk about "self-sacrifice" and "trying hard," blah blah. I don't see any of the Repubs who supported that bill in South Dakota reaching into their pockets to pay for all the babies whose moms simply can't clip enough coupons to support them.

blue girl

"Stop Making Sense"

That's what I wanted to leave as a comment to this excellent post yesterday. But, I can't seem to get my mind wrapped around what I mean -- so that when I write the comment, it makes any kind of sense. But, here goes.

I'm tired of the side that makes no sense at all being defended. I'm tired of people who don't care at all to even try to think through an issue. Arguments brought to their logical conclusions doesn't seem to have a place nowadays.

It's also pretty arrogant to think we're the only ones who make sense. Do we suffer from our own sort of cognitive dissonance that makes us not be able to see things that others see?

Chris Matthews was at that GOP straw poll convention over the weekend and he interviewed a group of *regular* people asking them why they were there and who they were going to support.

He interviewed this woman first -- mid-to-late 30s I would guess. She had a picture of her husband with her. He's in Iraq. And she was visibly upset/worried about the war and said she wanted to know what the *plan* was. Then she went on to say that she's supporting Frist in '08 and that if it's not Frist on the ballot, she would be supporting George Allen.

Frist! And George Allen!

I suppose nothing that the Democrats have said over the last few years deserve her support. As Kevin said in your American Street comment, they have really been a horrible opposition party. But, why can't that woman see all the destruction that the GOP has been directly responsible for? Why? Why?

How can taking a chance on voting Democrat result in anything worse than what's been going on the last several years?

*Making Sense* is getting us nowhere.

Great post though, Mannion.

/rant off


Awesome post. The delusion that those warmongers are in any way the party "of life" simply stuns me.


Thanks for the link and quote from my post, Lance!

The Viscount

One of your best Lance. This comment gave me an excuse to link to a recent post of mine:

Do we suffer from our own sort of cognitive dissonance that makes us not be able to see things that others see?

Dan S.

What's interesting is how this goes against the idea - arising, I think, in the late 19thC, of arranging to have far fewer children in order to better provide for them.

I think this has more and more pertinence for the modern middle/lower-upper-middle class today, especially as they a) opt out of public services, and b) become convinced that their kids need any possible edge in a competitive world. The house in the 'good' school district (yes, more complicated, but . . .), the college education, various related expenditures. . . But of course, this is even more an issue when you're talking about the lower/middle class, and the rising costs of college combined with ever-more-stingy aid. In both cases, it involves whether your offspring will be able to at least maintain or hopefully improve their class position, as opposed to slipping down the ladder . . .

I have serious doubts about Longman's "The conservatives are outbreeding the liberals!' thesis (although to be fair, this is a quite simplified version of what he actually says - which is actually much stupider.). But this is akin to a social version of r vs. K strategies - putting all your energy into producing many 'cheap' offspring vs. putting all your energy into producing a few expensive offspring. In bio, r-selection strategies are seen as a reaction to unstable environments - make as many offspring as possible, in order that a few might survive, with K-selection involving environments where putting all your resources into few offspring has less chance of ending in disaster. (Across the board, of course, people are super K-selection strategists; we're just talking about minor differences here. ) Interesting . . .

Dan S.

Also, of course, people postponing childbearing in exchange for greater security for when they do have kids . . .

More interestingly: women, of course, are supposed to sacrifice for others. [/sarcasm]. The 'baby or plasma-screen tv? Oh, Mr. Abortion Doc? Over here!' nonsense has at its core not just the no-real-poor-people theme, but to some degree, also 'how dare women attend to their own petty desires [here projected as a baby-killing in service of a shallow materialism] instead of serving their proper role in society!' The reality - that not only birth control, but also in some cases abortion is part of a general life strategy that involves trying to provide the best for one's current or future children - well, more cognitive dissonance fun . . .


blue girl wrote, But, why can't that woman see all the destruction that the GOP has been directly responsible for? Why? Why?

"Against stupidity/ the gods themselves/ contend in vain." --Friedrich von Schiller

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