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blue girl

Coturnix wrote in one of his posts:

"No amount of bribing or threatening can make an adolescent fall asleep early. Don't blame video games or TV. Even if you take all of these away (and you should that late at night, and replace them with books) and switch off the lights, the poor teen will toss and turn and not fall asleep until midnight or later, thus getting only about 4-6 hours of sleep until it is time to get up and go to school again."

Ain't that the truth! My son has never been a sleeper. Ever. When he was in 7th grade I took him to the doctor so the doctor could try to talk some sense into him by explaining he needs his sleep! (I was guilted into it by my mother who thought I could control his sleeping, or lack of sleeping) Why the doctor went along with my little plan of intimidation -- I don't know. My son said all the way home -- "I can't help it!"

Our household is such nicer place when everyone is well rested though. It's a goal! Try to eliminate the crabbiness as much as possible.

Now I've got to quit writing. It's 11:15 a.m. -- my son is sound asleep -- it's spring break. He's got to be somewhere at 12:30. He's not going to be happy!

One more thing. Lance, the 12 year old may never wing something at your head for your little wake-up phrase -- but there may soon come a time where he tells you to knock it off. My habit was singing, "Wake up, gettoutta bed, drag a comb across your head..." when my son was younger. That just doesn't fly anymore. He hates to be embarassed by his lame mother in his first waking moments.


The Viscount

At this time I did not know that the blonde and I were going to wind up married. She hadn't even informed me yet that we were going to start dating soon.

Written by a man who most definitely gets it.


I don't know anywhere else where school starts at 7.30. When I was a kid it was 8.50. No wonder kids in the US keep snapping and walking in late laden with pipe bombs.
And then you finish around 4.30 or 5, so by the time you're home, so are your parents.


My HS started at 8:12am, I think. I know darned well what time it let out: 3:22pm. Why the funky minutes? I haven't a clue.

Since I biked, I could get home in time to deliver the newspapers before 5:30pm, or, later, to work as janitor in the same school and still get home by 5:30pm.


I throw the cats on my kids in the morning - that wakes 'em up and they do not snap back at the cats.

I can't find it now, but I SWEAR I wrote something about Owl/Lark compatibility in married couples. For some, it is important to be in sync so they can do everything together. For others, incompatibitlity is a blessing (as long as they realize what is going on) - they work in shifts so there is always someone awake enough to change the diaper or drive the kid to school or whatever.

BTW, why is it so hard to spell the name of my blog?


Ha! That's better LOL!

When I was a kid, back in old now-non-existent Yugoslavia, most schools in big urban areas worked in two shifts.

All the kids started school at 8am and ended at 1:15pm for one week, then started at 2pm and ended at 7:15pm the next week, and so on...

If a school had, let's say, twelve classes of the seventh grade, six of those would be in the A-shift and the other six in the B-shift. Each shift had its own complete set of teachers, assistants, nurses...everything except the Principal and the school psychologist.

The time between 1:15pm and 2pm was for supplementary classes (either for those who needed extra help, or for those preparing for Math Olympics and such) and clubs. That was also time for kids from two shifts to meet and get to know each other (it is amazing how many kids from opposite shifts started dating each other after the year-end Big Trip to the Coast - me included).

Thus, you get to sleep in for a week (but miss out on afternoon activities), then have to get up early for a week but have the afternoon free to galivant around town. Nobody there understands what's the American fuss over kids being home alone - of course they are home alone, cleaning the house, fixing meals, doing homework and BETTER getting to school on time!

Teachers were pretty understanding about sleeping types. I do not recall ever having a big test, quiz or exam being given at the extremes of the day (around 8am or around 7pm). As an owl myself, I was much more likely to raise my hand, participate in discussions, or volunteer for oral examinations during the week when I was in school in the afternoon, and that was fine with most of my teachers.

Transportation was not an issue. Most kids lived close enough to their neighborhood school to walk. For those who lived a little farther away - hey, that's Europe, so Belgrade has a huge and pretty efficient public transportation system. I do not remember ever seeing any of my friends ever being dropped off to school by a parent driving a car! Or being brought to or picked up from school by a parent beyond fourth grade at all - period.

In rural areas, there was no need for two shifts - 8am-1:15pm was enough to accomodate all of the kids.

Violet Mannion

Bus at 6-40. Wake up around 5-45 to have time to eat breakfast, find clothes, etc. Get to school at 7-15ish. First period at 7-42. End at 2-17. Or, as on most days, stay after *not for extra curriculars, but every Monday for an extra mandatory class (comes with Earth Science, and as I've got studio art...) and other days for more time to work on projects or get help with subjects or review for tests. Some teachers require afterschool help if test scores are below, for example, 80. So, all in all, maybe a day i go home on time. Friday? So- late bus at 3-45. Get home at 4-30. Homework. Dinner. Homework. Bed. Ah, but, of course, this is the only time to socialize on aol and such..... or write, as i do, or draw...... or read....... So... Bed at 9-30 or 10? or stay up until 11 ish unwisely? Doesn't matter. Either way i fall asleep at 11-30 ish, on average. Get up at 5-45. Some days hw doesnt even allow free time until 10. But it's so easy to get sidetracked, so that may be my fault... Then again, hw takes longer when you're tired. So, i'll go now to start the cycle. I've actually decided to write a bit, maybe. Well. There's waking up extra early to take a shower, something i usually do at night. Late. Nice way to wake up, huh? Nice wet, cool shower at 11. But, as i've said....

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