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velvet goldmine

I can't believe you left out the most crucial development on West Wing -- Josh and Donna are totally about to do it!

Actually, I was just thinking about Sunday's episode this morning. Aside from being distracted by the implausibility of the Tonight Show dilemma (Why would they be debating a Halloween sketch at 10:30 Oct. 31 when the show would have been taped hours earlier and Santos was nowhere near L.A.?) and whether people really call Atrios "Atrios" in person, I was depressed by the plausibilty of what the show was really about -- the final stages of a presidential election.

They're in that last-week push, and the pacing of the episode captured, I'm sure fairly accurately, the frenzy of actual campaigns in the final weeks of the election.

That's the reality: that apparently the majority of likely voters are such lame asses that they actually might be swayed by a candidate's genial appearances in their state, or just the right sight gag on Letterman or whatever.

I could actually see the point on the West Wing -- if ONLY the two choices were as appealing as Santos and Vinick. That might actually have me scratching my head.

But to recall the last few elections and realize that so many people really did need to be courted in the final days....That there are voters out there who didn't know until the last minute whether their ideology leaned toward Bush the elder or Clinton, Bushie or Gore, Bushie or Kerry -- that's crazy! And yet that's reality.

velvet goldmine

Lance, if you'd handle the surfeit of "actually"s above, I'd be eternally grateful.

Love, Actually --

blue girl

"But there is some truth in the guy you want to have a beer with notion...skip...skip...skip...whose very existence reminds them of their own mediocrity and real ineffectualness."

That's a really good point. I'm going to start using it in my non-stop efforts to convert the milk chocolate people I'm surrounded by.

You know the other analogy? The one about who would stop to help you if you had a flat tire...Bush or Kerry? People may be coming around to the idea that it would be nice that no matter who stopped to help you, if they could actually *change* a tire -- that would be the most important thing.

Mr. Mannion -- are you playing into the right's strategy? Have you fell for it? They want you/us to think it's going to be Hillary. That's what they want!

Why start helping them so early on?

blue girl

Although I think Bill Richardson is an affable fellow, I could *never* go with a guy who said this:

"After being notified of the situation and after researching the matter ... I came to the conclusion that I was not drafted by the A's."

That's classic.


Laura obviously missed her surprise choice on MTP when he (still) refused to disavow his vote for Iraq. What the H does he have to lose now? Unless he really honestly believed that vote was correct, in which case he doesn't have the kind of judgment required to be President.

I like Hillary, but...

I imagine there are a lot of folks who feel as I do about her.


The "have a beer with" concept is complicated by the idea that most people I nknow don't like having beers w2ith peopel they know will always skip out on the tab. They will "happen" to be in the bathroom when the bill comes due, order extra rounds even when people don't want them, throw down a fiver on a hundred dollar tab, or just walk away early from the table. The reason Bush is so wildly unpopular is because people have come to realize he is ABSOLUTELY that guy; the guy who has never covered a tab in his life. Worse, he is clearly tyhe kind of guy who, if he went out for pizza, would move heaven and earth to make sure you paid EXACTLY the 6 dollars you owed him.

Most media types never even see a tab. They have peons and pissboys to handle that for them. So no wonder they can't understand why people despise Bush.

Unfortunately, both Gore and Kerry came across as the guy who sees the tab, then calculates that you owe exactly $6.35.


The media worked awfully hard to make Gore seem less like fun than Bush, but I never saw why anyone would rather sit next to Bush on a plane than Gore. Gore knows about sports - he was captain of the football team. (That guy wasn't losing any popularity contests, either.) He knows about other stuff, too, which means you could actually find more than one subject to talk to him about, even if you didn't like baseball. What could you talk to Bush about?

I've always been pretty sure that a lot of the people who supported Bush in 2000 - especially the libertarian types - would have hated him if he'd been a classmate. These are people who take pride in their intellectual abilities, their willingness to look at issues, their interest in the world around them - they'd be disgusted by someone like Bush who sneers at the very idea of people who, y'know, like to read.

We were told that Bush was likeable, but there was never any evidence of it. The media were just pissed off at Gore for being Clinton's VP - that's all they had that made Bush "more likeable".

blue girl

MoXmas: "Bush skips out on the tab."



Tricky to have a beer with Bush, given that he doesn't drink...


Hillary's likeable and approachable? Huh.

She's willing to stand for me? Double huh.

I'm sorry. I don't see it. Either one.

Barbara Boxer, now...

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