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velvet goldmine

OK -- I'll do it, but only for Nana Mannion. Throw in Pop and I might even check off best blog.

You said not to, but I am after all a well-known troublemaker (Non pro division).


Sure I'd do it for your mother, but hearing the great and powerful Lance actually beg was enough for me.

blue girl

Damn you Mannion!

(Say it like Jon Stewart in a mortician's suit waving his fist in the air.)


Sheeesh! What we blogging fans must do to keep our bloggers happy! :)

But, something we're happy to do.

Vote early and vote often!


I'm way too modest to say that I'm in that "Wider Recognition" category as well, and I'm not gonna vote for me there. I'm just too self-effacing to say any such thing. I hide my light under a bushel, and it's nice and quiet under there. Yup, yup, yup.

blue girl

I'm so glad you showed up Linkmeister! I was worried that Mannion was thinking there was way too much cleavage in this comment thread.

We all know how much he hates it when that happens.


Linkmeister- Smell you!


As a staunch contrarian, I decided not to not vote for you for Best Blog. Take that, Mannion!


Blue Girl, I'm all in favor of cleavage. I could tell you stories about cleavage. Why, I even have cleavage! I'm not telling you where I have it, though; some things should be left to the imagination.

Neddie Jingo

Hey, after pseudonymously voting for myself for Best Writing, I found my self-respect! Right here, in Linkmeister's cleavage!

Cleavon Little

Lance, I think you were the inspiration for this whole category here.

Exiled in NJ

Parse a little Billy Sherman, Lance. If nominated, I will not run; if elected I will not serve.

Maybe I got that wrong; maybe that was Vanessa Williams.


Cleavon, loved you in Blazing Saddles! But aren't you dead, man?

The Stengel Awards are a great idea. The Heretik is a god. Offhand, I'd nominate Blue Girl, Nancy Nall, Rana, Norbizness, The Linkmeister, The Viscount, Neddie, Wolf...

Matt, you contrarian, don't vote for me for a Stengel Award either.

VG, Jennifer, Chrys, Thank you.

BG, what's with the cross-dressing?

Ned, loved you in Blazing Saddles! But aren't you dead, man?

blue girl

I have no idea what on earth you are talking about. I never ever leave the house in anything but chiffon from head to toe.

Night Bird

Sorry Lance, but I am going along with Matt on this one...

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