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Gray Lensman

Compare and contrast the two American Presidents at the beginning and the end of the Republic in five pages, double-spaced. Spelling will count.Include aspects of character, statesmanship, leadership, courage, self-sacrifice and overall effect on United States and world history.

White Linen Frocks, Ruffled and Fringed

I shout at you with derision, Round Jackets and Fisher's Trousers!

Round Jackets and Fisher's Trousers

But I know more of a Rifle than my horse, you most ruffled and fringed, white linened frocked one.

William Lee

My reserve, while great, is not that great.

White Linen Frocks, Ruffled and Fringed

That's some proclamation coming from a dirty scruff in fisher's trousers. I lob additional derision in your general direction.

John Cleese

I shake my nether regions in your direction, all frocked up non French one.

Ray Kroc

French? Of course I'm not French. Nothing but Freedom Fries here, my friends.

G. Washington

Ok, ok, you wise guys, don't make me seize you by the throats and alternately shake you and talk to you, and believe me talk is definitely not the right word.

Eddie Izzard

I'm not from your country...

Insatiable Washington Groupie

George, are you threatening what I hope you are?

David Hackett Fischer

The rioters stopped fighting . . .

G. Washington

Insatiable, would you like to stop by my tent sometime so I can show you my "great reserve?"

Insatiable Washington Groupie

Oh my my my. Fluttering fan and blushing cheeks. Why, yes, Mr. President. I would be honored. I've heard about your "great reserve" and it has long been my desire to experience it for myself in the flesh.

Martha Custis Washington

Remember who pays the bills, wooden toothed one.

G. Washington

William Lee! Make sure we're not disturbed. If Mrs Washington calls, tell her I'm out inspecting the troops with Baron von Steuben.

Now, Miss Insatiable if you'd care to ride behind me we'll be at my tent in no time.

(aside) he he he. George Washington slept here...again!

Insatiable Washington Groupie

As you wish, Mr. President. I'm eagerly awaiting my arrival at your pitched tent.

Why, I do believe your "great reserve" is in sight as we speak, sir. Or are you just happy to see me?

Washington's Mother

Groupie, grope another. Or find out how mean a mother the mother of the father of your country is.

Insatiable Washington Groupie

Why, Mrs. Washington, I do declare! I have no groping intentions. (Don't listen to me, George.) I am a lady, and ladies never grope. (Yes, we do, and yes, I will.) I am shocked and appalled at the mere suggestion. (Titillated, really, just at the thought.) Take back your insinuation at once! (Take me to your tent. Quickly.)

Martha Custis Washington |

There is a reason he is known as the pup tent.

Insatiable Washington Groupie

I'm more interested to find out why he is called the Sword of the Revolution.

Embattled farmer

Cat fight! Cat fight!

Rabble in arms

Where? Where?

J Garcia

Wooden Tooth, the song I never got to perform, was dedicated to the Father of the Father of our Country, who grew the kind , kind kill, kill bud, buddy.


I take offense.

Catticus Finch

I stand in your defense.

Double Entendre

Right, I've had just about enough of this nonsense. Just leave me out of this conversation, right?


Me, too.

One Is The Loneliest Number

I for one make two if you add me to the too, too.

Bishop Tutu

Pardon me?

Cassius Brutus

Et tu, Tutu?

Bishop Tututu

Pardon me?

Nomine Patris

. . . et cum spiritu tuo

Bishop Beavis

Heh heh. You said...spiritu.

Michael Corleone

It's not personal, it's business, butthead.

The Fishes

You'll be sleeping with me soon if you're not careful. And no one wants that.

(Which is dreadful for my self-esteem, by the way.)

Luca Brazzi

Take it from me, what those fishes said is right.

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