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For those of you who subscribe to The Atlantic, there's a whole series of articles about this in the current Jan/Feb issue, which arrived in my mailbox yesterday. The one titled Tribal Relations is particularly enlightening. The authors define 12 different varieties (or tribes) of voters, from the Religious Right to the Secular Left.

blue girl

You know -- Tim Kaine did not *look* bad on TV at all. (Except for the one eyebrow -- you could not help but look at it -- he kept raising his one eyebrow so much higher than the other, that I thought it was going to float off his face) He had a nice way about him -- but it was too nice. Too laid back and his laundry list of ideas was boring. Or I should say the presentation of those ideas. Nah, they were boring, too. I think at one point he was even talking about text books. He was not bold. We need bold.

It's not so much that no one watches the response. It's then what the pundits hammer home about that response for days/weeks afterward. And believe me, they did. They killed him. They treated him like a joke. No respect.

"Just pathetic." -- I heard that several times.

Joe Scarborough cannot get over that the Democrats cannot get their act together and hammer home three key points: (over and over and over and over...)

1) Republican corruption

2) The deficit and the fiscal irresponsibility of Republicans who promised better

and 3) That our soldiers are dying and the Republicans cannot clearly explain why

He also made the comment that Alito is "Far, far more conservative than anyone could ever imagine." Which got my blood boiling.

I'm off to read your next post.

Shakespeare's Sister

So, with that in mind, Tim Kaine wasn't all that bad a choice. If the Democrats were thinking that no one watches the rebuttal anyway, then how well Kaine comes across on TV doesn't matter. More people will read about his speech than will have watched it and in print the work will get done.

All true - if all the Democrats are concerned about is trying to pick up new votes, and don't give a fig about keeping the votes they already have.


At the moment I'm not particularly happy with Senator "Pat Dobson Owns My Ass" Ken (Can anyone confirm that Salazar got a bad rap on that one?)

I can neither confirm nor deny but if this poll taken in 2001 is correct. There are more people who claim to have 'no religion' in Colorado than any other demonination except Catholic. So if Dobson's fundies own Ken's ass, they must have bought it at Wal-Mart.

The Heretik

I was having a hard time figuring if the eyebrow was attached to Kaine. Or the other way around. How many times did that Kid Kaine say creator? I lost count. Seemingly uninspired performances will require more effort from everyone who wants to make a change in this country.

Virginia, home of The University Jefferson founded, is similar to New York in some ways: blue near the big city of DC and in satellite pockets of academia, but a pretty dark hue of red elsewhere.

One hopes we can detach ourselves from judging people by their brows, but also that we will find inspiration in our future, if not in our leaders.


I'm convinced by all this that the Dems WANT to loose right now. They don't want to be the ones that the greatest depression in history decends upon: let the republicans defend themselves while the economy implodes from their stupid policies...

And meanwhile, the republic is sold out to the highest bidder!

John Clayton

Boy, sorry Lance, I'm a little (!) late in responding. A lot of Montanans really like Brian Schweitzer. He's genuine. He likes his job. He likes talking to people, whether it's regular folks at a ribbon-cutting ceremony or journalists at the Capitol. Even some of the too-precious image-building notions, like taking his border collie to meetings, are I think his genuine personality rather than something invented for electability.

But does two uneventful years in office make him ready for the national scene? I think the Dems need someone with a meaningful and comprehensive vision of what our national society should be, and from what little I've seen John Edwards fits that bill better than Schweitzer or anybody else...

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