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blue girl

Lance and Uma sittin' in a tree.

Lance, read my note! Read it! (Don't let the teacher see you!)

How much do you really like Uma?

1. Kind of

2. More than kind of

3. Way more than kind of

4 Really, really, really like her - you want to kiss her!

5. You like her so much that you LOVE HER!

Write back!!!!!

Uma's coming to my sleepover tonight. Do you want me to show her your answer?

Mike Schilling

Dangerous Liaisons.

Damn, do I have to choose between Michelle and Uma?

The Viscount

Hey Lance, thanks for the invite, but Mr. Lightfoot beat you to it, and may I say his might be the funniest one I've seen yet! Anyway, here's mine.


Uma Mannion ...

Nahhh. :)

Kit Stolz

"Even Cowgirls Get the Blues?" Was Uma in that movie? Was that a movie? If it was a movie, was Uma naked in it?

But wait a minute. You put down "Cowgirls" as a book!

See, I've tried to think about it. But I still don't get it. Enlighten the slow, please...

Adorable Girlfriend

Me? Lance -- I think I love you! I consider this an honor. Unfortunately blogger hates Republic of Dogs right now. So, once she's back in black, I will be all over this!

harry near indy

mike schilling, you don't have to choose between michelle and uma.

if you're man enough, you can have both of them.


Mel gave voice, but never said those words on screen or in the theater. Each time, another actor mouthed the words.

Another mystery: on my soundtrack album featuring songs from BLAZING SADDLES, HIGH ANXIETY, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN and THE PRODUCERS, the music credit was to John Morris. What happened to his credit on THE PRODUCERS, both musical theatre and movie? I know, I know -- more money than I'll ever see, just for the publicity value of the music coming out of Brooks' head, like Zeus...


Thanks for the nod, Lance. I have completed my assignment.

Earl Bockenfeld

Thanks (???) for your nod and taking Uma out-of-the-running, Lance. Here is my completed assignment.

The Countess

So, you like Uma Thurman, huh? ;)

Great meme, Lance. You have my royal approval.


You could combine number one and six, but first read Travels with Macy by Bruce Fogle. He retraced Steinbeck's route with his golden retriever (a more Mannion type of dog, I must say, than a poodle). It's one of the best books I read last year.

Or you could make it easy on yourself and take a chihuahua.

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