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The Viscount

There is nothing conservative about that because of how easily them exempt themselves from the rules they lay down for others to follow.

And all the more infuriating is that, like everything else they do wrong, they accuse us LIB-ER-ALS!!! of doing exactly that - telling others to obey rules that we do not adhere to ourselves.

It is all part of the Culture of Corruption that they have cultivated for the last 5 years or so.


But that IS conservatism. GOP has not been as purely conservative for at least a 100 years as it is today. "Small government", "free market", "isolationism", "social libertarianism" are all inherently liberal notions. The self-described conservatives pick LIBERAL plancks of the 1970s GOP platform and call it conservatism. True conservatism is Robber Barrons, slavery, women as chattel, Big Brother government, religious fundamentalism, femiphobia, aggressive colonial foreign policy. With control of all aspects of government, church and media, they can finally show their true colors.

harry near indy

and society, too, coturnix, because i find it hard to believe how many people put themselves in boxes.

and lance, you've hit the target about the right-wing authoritarianism that hangs around in the air.

some folks beg for it, but if i have faith in my countrymen, they'll scatter when someone tries to put them in a herd.

you ever try herding cats?


Now, there must be a way to weave "Dawn of the Dead," my favorite shopping-mall satire, into this ...


Came here because of a Julia Louis-Dreyfus picture and i read several posts. good blog. and good analisys on the language and the acts of the new conservative usa. like they here in portugal, and i believe is known worldwide: public virtues, privat vice.
added to fav

Exiled in NJ

Lance wrote: "Movies are Republican in the way they celebrate the joys of Free Market capitalism.

They are Right Wing in the way the champion the arrival of an authoritarian strong man to save us."

I'm not sure I agree with the first point; so much bilge out of Hollywood uses the large corporations as the bad guys, i.e, when they are not employing scientists in that role.

On the second point, the irony is that it is Eastwood, a Libertarian, not a conservative, who is the anti-authoritarian.

Except for gun control, Big Whiskey, Wyoming is every winger's dream of paradise. Riff-raff are run out of town as soon as they set foot in it, and beaten up.

Only Eastwood brings up arguments about death being preferable to life, and as James Wolcott noted, it is Eastwood who works with his opposites like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins to produce what I feel is a finely graded essay on the points you raise.

I'm not sure I agree with the first point; so much bilge out of Hollywood uses the large corporations as the bad guys, i.e, when they are not employing scientists in that role.

Yebbut the big corporations who are villains are caricatured Blofelds of corporations, with obviously eeevil plans to corrupt democracy and sneer as they consume our precious bodily essences. The simple consumerist enabling corporations next door are not the bad guys, nonono, otherwise the good guys would have nothing to drink/drive/wear as they foil the Blofelds, so it's only fair to get a good closeup shot of the label/badge/logo, yes?.

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