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So it's good, huh? I had read some poor reviews of it and was thinking of skipping it. The original movie was always a favorite when I was a kid, and I don't really want anything messing with that. I finally saw the new Harry Potter and loved it. The family went to see Narnia over Christmas. It's not great, but the kid that plays Peter looks oddly like my brother. The entire film, we kept looking over at him and giggling. Too weird.

Bill Altreuter

Jon Lovitz is one of those performers-- Carol Kane is another-- that is almost criminally under used. Probably the problem is that it is much harder to write legitimately funny stuff than most people realize, so actors who can play those sorts of roles don't have the opportunities.


Did you, by any chance, stay and watch all the credits at the end of the movie? Mel Brooks, made a cameo appearance there. Also some funny bits from the actors. We were the only ones left in the theater watching, but it was worth the watch.

And you're right about Uma's legs! At least 4 feet of her 6 feet in height come from those legs.

Exiled in NJ

1967, the State Theater in Columbia SC on a Sunday afternoon, I think. The crowded audience acted much like that in the film when the dancing Nazis took the stage. Despite seeing the film again on video, I can never recapture that feeling.

The problem with the lack of songs in the original is that it gave Mostel the chance to shamelessly mug and try to steal every scene he played with Gene Wilder. Mostel needed a director, not an author anxious to see his work take flight. Now if Nathan Lane could become a new Wilder, that would be something. Why be the second incarnation of the great ham?

Dave G.

In the movie, it is Mel Brooks. Not just the voice, but that character, who is on screen for about 4 seconds. But yes, that is indeed Brooks.


So should Uma play Lola in a remake of "Damn Yankees?"

harry near indy

lance, thanks for another great post.

for this correspondent, the original producers is the ORIGINAL funny cult movie.

the big lew is all right, but THOSE LINES ...

"i'm wearing a cardboard belt."
"i want everything i've even seen in the movies.
"money is honey, bloom."

i could go on, but i won't.

i'll close with the money quote:
"we find the defendants incredibly guilty."

i'll wait for the current producers movie to come out in home video format. dropping the lorenzo st dubois character was a big, big mistake!


Remake Damn Yankees only if they correctly name the team the Nationals! (I couldn't resist.)

I worry you're going to get another Tarantino/Thurman film. He seems to consider her his muse.

Not only does she have long legs, but you should see her thumbs!


Domoni, fine by me. The Senators were my hometown team for a while (the newer ones, not the Griffith-owned Twins), but they never had my full allegiance like the Dodgers do.

I wonder if Thurman can dance the Gwen Verdon part?

The Heretik

Uma. You are getting a little close to my um heart here. She showed some comedic abilities in Prime. Streep, woman of many accents, is good in that one too. I liked Uma in Gattaca too.


Thanks for the review, Lance... I think I'm gonna have to finally dust off that old DVD of "Henry & June."

Kevin Wolf

Fun post, Lance. Music was always important to Mel Brooks - witness his enjoyable psuedo-Sinatra turn in "High Anxiety."

Best line about being tall that comes to mind and maybe Uma can use it:

Guest (forget who) to Vince Vaughn when he guest-hosted Letterman's Late Show: You're really tall.

Vaughn: Circus tall!

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