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Hear, hear. Truly a fine post, save using "trend" as a verb.

Cryptic Ned

This is a great description of the dilemma a conscientious Democrat finds himself in.

I just think it can be resolved by saying:

Yes, it diminishes the entire United States when an American points out one of Bush's insane or stupid or mendacious actions. However, that's virtually nothing compared to the amount by which the United States is diminished by the action itself.

And yes, it's bad for the country to have a leader who is a discredited mediocrity with no constituency, and those of us who point out Bush's flaws contribute to that. However, that's virtually nothing compared to the damage done by Bush himself refusing to let a more competent person take over.


"Democrats are not responsible for George W. Bush's credibility as a leader. George W. Bush is. If Bush wants the rest of the world to take him seriously he should a.) stop lying---about everything, but mainly about what he's doing in Iraq---and b.) succeed at something!"

Boy, isn't it that simple. From your mouth to the f**knut's ear.

On a slightly different note- US News had an article quoting Rep. Tom Tancredo as saying he was not going to continually write endless checks for an unaccountable black hole. He was speaking of New Orleans. And what is Iraq??? And why is it again that we are there, but can't take care of our own???

Exiled in NJ

Shawn Lovelace is the only Deputy Sheriff that Glens Falls has; we have to support him lest our country be overrun by Banana Boy and his ilk.

Earl Bockenfeld

Much hooting and catcalling greeted the Quisling from Connecticut's recent declaration that Democrats need to shut up and support their local President.

The current discussion about the President's bubble, is being driven by low-polls and critics like Murtha. This is the only bright spot, and hope for the world, in the 5 years of Bush's misRule.

The surest way for Bush to return/stay in his bubble, which is a disaster for the US, would be for critics and democrats to shut up and support their local President.

Lieberman's street cred is damaged, he helped the GOP crush the middle-class and poor with the Bankruptcy Bill, and he was as hot to crush Saddam, as Bush, without any need for WMD or links to terrorists. Lieberman is the last person I would listen to for kind of advice.


Damn, I thought that Al Gore was President!


thanks, lance.
i can barely form sentences when i think of lieberman. if only my voodoo doll worked!

Molly,  NYC

Democrats need to shut up and support their local President.

Our president? This guy became president by cheating Lieberman.

Either Lieberman was paid off in the 2000 campaign (which would explain a lot) or he's pathologically masochistic.

And wants the rest of us to be too.


I would agree with everything in your post, but I think you underestimate the effect of the press on Gore and on politics in general. I think the Repubs have been so successful in selling the Liberal Media myth that they've convinced Dems of it, too. Kerry blew the whole Swift Boat thing because he trusted the MSM to treat it as teh nonsense it was. The media is not even neutral, much less a Dem ally. Whether through their own agenda (not just Fox but most of the NBC octopus) or through complacency and gutlessness (every other individual with a press pass and a beltway zip code), the media starts with the RNC talking points and moves on from their.
This applies to Lieberman because these are the people whose approval is like oxygen for him. From Hannity and O'Reilly to Russert and Mathews, to say nothing of his ol' pal Bill Bennett, Lieberman feeds off being told what a man of character, courage and prinicple he is. Cheers to Harry Reid for calling this preening, grandstanding phony what he is.


Thank you for reminding us that there are three branches of government. I forget sometimes.

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